Top 10 Weeknight Dinner Blogs

weeknightdinners.jpgWhen dinner time rolls around on a weekday evening, it’s tempting to reach for the takeout menus or just make pasta with tomato sauce again. These blogs will inspire you with meal planning advice and tasty new recipes.

Last Night’s Dinner

Just what it sounds like: Each weekday, Jennifer Hess posts on
what she and her husband had for dinner the previous night. She’s a
good, ambitious cook who will inspire you to try new dishes. Recipes
are categorized by ingredient–everything from Brussels sprouts to burrata–and Jennifer makes sure to tag those that are easy and those that are a bit more time-intensive.

$5 Dinners

Erin Chase, mom of three, posts monthly meal plans for dinners
under $5. Recipes are frugal and yummy. There’s also lots of couponing
and budgeting advice here.

Eat at Home

This blog’s tagline is “everyday food for busy people.” Tiffany,
a mom of four, posts weekly meal plans with recipes, promising, “The
goal of this blog is to help families put dinner (and lunch, breakfast
and snacks) on the table and avoid spending money eating out.”

Everyday Food Blog’s Everyday Food blog posts (among lots of other good stuff) one straightforward dinner recipe each weekday. Most take less than an hour to make.

This Week for Dinner

Jane Maynard shares a weekly menu each Sunday, and encourages
readers to comment with theirs. Plus, you’ll find recipes organized
into sensible categories like “Main Dishes,” “Simple Side Dishes,” and
“Eat Less Meat.”

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    thanks for the nice shout out! this is a great list – can’t wait to look through the new-to-me links…love the top 10 lists!

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      Always good to do a dry run! I bet they are going to amaze you with their table manners and as peploe are leaving they’ll say Your girls were SO GOOD!!!

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    Wow, thank you so much! So glad you like Last Night’s Dinner, and I appreciate the nice shout-out!

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      Thanks Jeff for the post. There are a couple of other Chicago area saolsferce admins that are going to be authoring my blog as well, Ryan Klein and Dave Beaudoin. They have great ideas to share and tons of saolsferce experience.

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    $5 Dinners is the most affordable one. I like it very much. And the recipes are really testy.

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