Top 10 Toddler Apps

toddler-apps-header.jpgIf you live in a tech lovin’ household, your toddler probably loves flinging Angry Birds just as much playing with his Legos. And sometimes, letting your tot take control of your tech gadgets can be a lifesaver, like when you’re on line at the bank, waiting for a table at the
burger joint, or in desperate need of 10 minutes to jump in the shower. The
good news is they’ll have lots of fun, work their fine motor skills, and maybe
even learn a little something. Here are our top 10 best apps for toddlers…

monkeylunchbox.jpgMonkey Preschool Lunchbox
to iTunes, this is the number one preschool app in the store. And no wonder
- the little ones just love packing up some treats for the adorable
monkeys. With different games that teach colors, shapes, and matching skills,
among others, this one will keep them tapping for a while. Bonus: They win
animated stickers when they complete a game.

(99 cents for iPad, iPhone; $1.99 for Android)


Doodle Buddy

Your busy
little bee can doodle with his or her fingers, use stamps, paint, and scribble
- all without making a mess on your kitchen walls!

(Free for


Elmo Loves ABCs
OK, so this app is geared for 4+, but have you ever met a toddler who didn’t love Elmo?
Plus, there’s a variety of functions to choose from
for your pre-readers, from coloring to video and music content. And parents,
you can add your child’s photo into the app for some interactive fun.

for iPad)


PBS Kids Videos
Stuck in traffic with a whining kid? Pass your iPad into the
backseat and let her flip through over 1,000 videos from her favorite PBS Kids
shows including SUPER WHY!,Curious George, The Cat in
the Hat, and others.

(Free on iPhone
or iPad

Toddler Teasers: Complete Toddler Preschool
While you can buy individual apps from this developer for 99 cents each,
for an extra couple of bucks, you’ll get more educationally-focused
fun for your money. From shapes to bugs, musical instruments to symbols, the
app boasts simple navigation, bright colors, and even a fun quiz mode.

($2.99 for iPhone
and iPad

Perfect for your future American Idol, this app is simply fun for kids
who love to sing along. Six favorite kids tunes, including Incy
Wincy Spider and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, come
both with and without vocals.
(99 Cents for iPhone)


Peekaboo Barn
Watch your little guy smile as the cute farm
animals pop out after he taps on the barn doors. Fun and easy enough for little
fingers, plus he’ll learn how to identify 10 animals in English and Spanish.

($1.99 for iPhone and Android)


Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Completely tired of reading this toddler
favorite? Download an app to do it for you! This classic book lets kids choose
a “read to me” mode, while they get used to flipping through to see what
happens once mama calls the doctor.
($1.99 for Android)

My Very First App
Who doesn’t love Eric Carle? This game app, using
illustrations from the famed author of loved books like The Very Hungry
Caterpillar, has three levels for your growing child. Easy mode is geared
toward ages 1-3, and lets them match colors with objects, and other activities.

($1.99 for iPhone
and iPad

Fish School HD
Garnering rave reviews from parenting associations
and tech blogs alike, this app takes learning the alphabet and counting under
the sea. What child doesn’t love looking at fishies?

($1.99 for iPad)

These apps are sure to keep your techie tot engaged, and out of your hair for a few precious minutes. Start your downloading engines…

Dawn Papandrea is a Staten Island, NY-based freelance writer and blogger, and
mom of two boys who love to steal her tech gadgets.

  • Robyn

    Awesome that you listed primarily Apple apps… especially since I have an Android Tablet.

  • Robyn

    Angrybirds, Blast Monkey, Ant Smasher, CJ: Strike Back, Fruit Ninja, Bubble Birds, Talking Books, What’s Different?, Devil Ninja, DressUp!, Piano Perfect, Learn to Read, Kids Piano Lite, Coloring book, Doctor Dress up, Connect 4, tic-tac-toe, tank hero —- all free for android — sure to entertain any 4 – 7 year old kid.

    • Raiane

      love them. We love them. And this one’s a blinder. ‘The App Option: Does Your Business Need One?’ disetcss the App Market from the market share of the key players through to the big question:

  • Janelle

    Great list! Here’s another:

    Did you know toddlers often understand at least 100 more words than they can say? Tap into what they’re thinking and feeling using this new free app called KidGlyphs!

  • Rachel Ann

    I found an app for my toddler completely by accident called “Brilliant Sari” and he is LOVING it… did you try it and feel like it shouldn’t make the list?

  • Joe

    I like mi Baby Shots, found it through a friend my son loves using it to easily take photos of random things.