Top 10 Home Improvement Blogs

HomeImprovBlogs.jpgHome improvement blogs always inspire us to tackle projects in our own houses. The great blogs here provide a mixture of looks at real people’s houses, stylish products, and down-and-dirty DIY tips.

Charles & Hudson

Charles & Hudson covers home improvement tips and techniques
and features new tools and news from the home design industry. There
are extensive posts on home improvement for outdoor areas like decks,
along with advice on remodeling and reviews of tools. DIY City Guides spotlight great home improvement resources by city.


This blog features fabulous finds for the “considered home”; posts are searchable by room. “Steal this Look
posts help you recreate the stylish rooms found in the pages of
magazines and catalogs, and there’s an extensive, searchable
architect/designer directory.

The Ugly Duckling House

This blog is written by a young couple remodeling their old
house in Atlanta. Sarah writes, “In my attempts to DIY, there are an
endless number of moments where I am doing something for the first
time: caulking windows, patching large holes, painting ceilings, etc.,” and offers tips on all of the above.


Cassity is remodeling her family’s house on a $5,000 budget.
Tutorials cover topics like redoing old furniture and recovering lamp

  • Remodeling

    Drats, the CalFinder Blog didn’t make it! Okay I’m biased but we have a great remodeling blog here:

  • Michael O’Loughlin

    This is a great list, but my favorite Home Improvement Blog is Good local as well as national information.
    And if you are looking for a green home blog, I would like to suggest But I may be a little biased on that one. :)

  • Sunny Pritchard

    Woooooooooohooooooooo Cassity and Sarah! Nice to see two of my regular stalks get such awesome recognition!

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  • Tina Gleisner

    Wow, a very impressive list and some new favorites. Loved Sarah’s photos with arrows to explain stair terminology (Ugly Duckling House) and the laundry room story told by John at The Young Love House.

    Of course we’re all biased so if my new site isn’t ready yet, I do hope it makes your list next year …

  • D

    Nice list…my wife and I just moved from Boston, MA and purchased a new house in Buffalo NY. We’ve been doing plenty of home improvements. She’s entered the blog world and writing about our fun adventures on her blog called Bunches Of Joy. She’s a very good writer (much better than me)…check us out if you have a chance. We’re bunches of fun I swear! :)

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    Excellent list. To decorate home and improve it, is not quite easy task. But many people have passion about it. They feel happy to do it and its my pleasure to meet them. Excellent Blog “The Ugly Duckling House”

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