Top 10 Food Blogs for Foodies

top10foodblogs.jpgFood blogs are an incredible place to find great food advice, cooking how-tos, kitchen gear reviews, food news – and recipes that work in the real world. While some of these blogs focus on recipes and others highlight food news and products, what they have in common is the joy of eating and an appreciation of food and new culinary experiences.

The Dog’s Breakfast
is based on “experiences in what we call the Saturday night test
kitchen, where we try new recipes and experiment with new ingredients.
Sometimes it’s a great success and sometimes it’s a dog’s breakfast,
but in the end we always learn something.” Rob and David cook and live
in Montreal. Sample post: Wild Blueberry and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta.

Sassy Radish is
written by Olga, who’s from Russia originally but “likes to eat pretty
much everything, particularly sushi, brisket, Indian, Thai and good
Mexican (the latter being rather difficult to locate in New York).
She’s a sucker for things with cilantro, lime and onions and thinks
mashed potatoes is an acceptable answer to a really bad day.” She
introduces readers to dishes from around the world; sample post: Beef Randang–Malaysian Beef Curry.

Everybody Likes Sandwiches
is “about the joy in preparing fresh food simply,” but the recipes are
wildly varied and highlight new ingredients. Sample post: Early Fall Millet Crunch Salad.

The Bitten Word Clay and Zach perform a useful service by cooking, then posting about (and often improving), recipes from Bon Appétit, Cook’s Illustrated, and tons of other food mags. They also write about new food experiences with their CSA, canning, and more. Sample post: World Peace Cookies, from Bon Appétit, September 2010.

  • NotimeMom

    Mmm… I love food blogs. I guess that is why I have one. I will give these blogs a try. I am always on the look out for new recipes.

  • ChristineLeiser

    There are a couple here that are new to me, can’t wait to go check them out! Thank you.

    • Surendra

      Chris, I just voted for A good mix but even that depends on a lot of thgnis, like the niche, the amount of news in that niche, the amount of discussion/passion in that niche shown on other blogs and forums, etc. But mainly it depends on your readership and how you’ve trained them.What I mean by that is if you started out your blog by writing 2-3 comprehensive posts per week, the type of readership you attract will want that posting style. Same goes for if you gained your current readership by doing 15 short, punchy posts per day.Asking your current readership what posting style/frequency they prefer, like in your poll, will give you skewed results because they’ll most likely prefer the style they’re already accustomed to.That’s why I voted for A good mix because then you attract the most varied readership. Some will prefer the infrequent, longer posts and some will prefer a larger quantity of shorter posts. So everyone gets what they want.

    • Ahmad

      Awesome!!! I like that, a culinary scgeanver hunt great name! There clearly are so many to try. I look forward to hearing how the Specialty Noodle place is I love your blog focus it is a great resource for other culinary scgeanver hunters

  • Countrystars95

    I think it’s hard to come by a really good foodie blog, but these look great! I also love Pioneer Woman’s foodie section! Great pictures and great food!


    Thanks for this list. These blogs are really great (although new to me)! Can I rpost this blog on

  • Tracy Sestili is one of my favorite food blogs. And also – both great!

    • Pricy

      how fun! I’m now convinced, gotta atentd the next food swap I can find and I luv your pics, really beautiful. How do we find local food swaps, is a good source? I’m in West L.A. and I only make it up to Pasadena every 2 or 3 months for assorted vinigar and olive oil from Beyond the OliveCheers!

  • Tomsfoodieblog

    A good food blog is! This blog covers restaurant reviews, recipes, and the Gourmet Food Truck Movement!

    • Segnorita

      My previous post privdoed recommendations for improving a blog through one of my reviews. I only published this a couple of days ago and already the owner of the blog has taken my suggestions on board. The result is so much better, and is so gratifying when you can see the changes – now we have to see if they make a difference!

  • tooba tariq

    nice blogs with my point of view its good and famous