Top 10 Blogs to DeClutter & Simplify Your Life

simplify.jpgIf you’ve got too much stuff, too little time, too much e-mail, not enough focus or all of these, the following blogs can help; they’re packed with examples of how to unclutter and streamline your life, and usually feature stories about others who have done the same.

Marc and Angel Hack Life

This couple focus on simplifying, happiness, life lessons,
avoiding TV, and making better use of other electronic devices. Asks
and answers the question, Does your schedule leave you time for the
things that bring you true happiness?

Low-key advice about simplification by an author who’s trying to
both simplify and improve as a writer. Covers improving
self-discipline, figuring out what’s important, and supporting your

Zen Habits

Leo Babauta’s blog about life simplification and cutting out the
clutter is probably the leader in the life-simplification category.
Clearly organized and with thoughtful links to related articles and

Simple Productivity Blog

This software consultant put down her PDA and now dispenses
daily tips on how to simplify. Theme days range from simplicity
Wednesdays and tip Fridays to open-loop Tuesdays (covering other items
she finds on the Web). Also covers clutter, efficiency, personal
development and simplification.

Organized Mom

Mom helps you declutter your house, one room at a time. Focuses
on taking back the family room, kitchen, pantry and bathroom from all
your stuff, plus meal planning, multitasking and avoiding

Life Optimizer

Personal growth through focus, minimalism, working smarter, and
a hint of Zen philosophy. Topics include crisis-proofing your career,
how to enjoy the present, finding happiness and staying out of the trap
of loving stuff.

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    I’m honored and humbled that you have included Thank you very much!

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      Well he did that by ditching his Blackberry, I mnagaed that by doing the following things:- No sound for new mail- Mobile phone set to silent- Work phone set to a very low but noticeable levelI discovered that ring tone of my mobile and the ringing of my work phone irritated me a lot when I was coding. So, silencing the former (actually to just one beep) and lowering the level of the later, gave me my keyboard back plus some KLOCs to my employer.

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    -1 for “simpleproductivityblog”. It seems to be that turned into a paid review blog. She suppresses valid critical comments and only publishes “hurray” comments.

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    This is a great list and such a timely topic for this economy. I invite you and your readers to discover a newer blog, We enjoy writing about living frugally, becoming better organized, making homemade products, enjoying time with our families, and taking better care of our physical and mental health.

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