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Kristy Sammis
Kristy Sammis is a humor-life-mommy-blogger who's been actively engaged in the social media world since she learned she could use IM to talk to boys in 1993. She is an early adopter, online influencer, and types very, very quickly. Prior to joining the Clever Girls, Kristy managed BlogHer's marketing and events, which included running the largest blogging conference in the world in 2007. Now a WAHM, Kristy is online as much as ever. Following a hilarious series of reader-submitted photos on her personal blog, She Just Walks Around With It, she decided the world needed a website devoted entirely to "awesome" prom pictures and launched Promtacular!  Kristy lives in Napa with her husband and daughter, whose birth she live-Tweeted. You can follow her @kristysf
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