6 Amazing Lego Artworks That Will Blow Your Mind


While for many, Legos will always be known as a childhood toy, some grown-ups have taken Legos to fascinating new heights making it more like an art form. Whether they’re using thousands of Lego bricks to recreate familiar pop-culture scenes or creatively assembling them into sculptures worthy of a museum, these adults have all made works that will make you think twice about those small plastic bricks. Today, we take a look at six people who’ve created Lego artworks that are anything but ordinary. In fact, these Lego sculptures will blow your mind!


1. Batcave Made of 20,000 Parts and Weighs 100 Pounds



Photo Credit: Wayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston

Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey are behind a Lego Bat Cave that can only be described as epic. First unveiled at Emerald City Comicon back in March of 2012, the impressive build took more than 800 hours to complete and weighs an astounding 100 pounds. Made of 200,000 parts, the sculpture consists of the cave itself as well as an operating turntable for the Batmobile, a moving costume and weapons selection wall, and the BatPlane Lift. The cave even lights up using a combination of LED Christmas lights and LED flash lights that all run off of one battery.


2. Spooky Haunted House Made of 130,000 Pieces



Photo Credit: Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle has created a set of Victorian houses that all have a spooky quality about them. This one, called Victorian on Mud Heap, consists of about 130,000 Lego pieces that are in the colors black, white, and gray. While Doyle knows that Lego offers almost an almost countless number of different colored bricks to work with, he only uses black, white and grays to mimic natural elements like mud, as you can see here. To create the illusion that mud was made with a large pile of Lego bricks haphazardly spilled on top of each other, Doyle connected long, bendable hoses to the base of the house, letting them curve upward. The “mud” was then just a thin layer of Legos built on top of it.


3. Odan: 5-Feet High City Made of 200,000 Bricks



Photo Credit: Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is also the creator behind Odon, a 5-foot-high city made of 200,000 bricks. It took him eight months or over 600 hours to build. The New York-based sculptor conjured up a spiritual, alien city as the first in a series called Contact. In Doyle’s words, Contact is “designed to promote the beauty of all intelligent life forms as extensions of our family – children under the same creative force.” Those who live on Odan do not understand the concepts of war and murder. Inside Odan, you can find a place for the “Eternal Choir” as well as a local galactic vacation spot where powerful spiritual food is grown locally and where visitors can enjoy long meditation sessions.


4. Lego Colosseum Made of 200,000 Bricks



Photo Credit: The Brickman

Using 200,000 Lego bricks, certified Lego builder Ryan McNaught (aka “The Brickman”) made the world’s first Lego Colosseum. The clever work shows half of the structure in ruin (present day) and the other half as it was in 80 A.D. when Rome’s original Colosseum was built. Due to its oval shape, it was the most technically challenging project McNaught had ever worked on.


5. Heartfelt: Fine Art Lego Sculpture



Photo Credit: Nathan Sawaya

One can’t list out the most amazing Lego creations without bringing up the name Nathan Sawaya. The New York-based artist has exhibited his awe-inspiring Lego works in museums and galleries all around the world. Sawaya is known for his beautiful yet playful works that primarily take on the shape of three-dimensional sculptures. In Heartfelt, a man in all white Lego bricks is seen opening up his chest while a red heart burns inside of him. “Love is a funny thing,” Sawaya states. “Sometimes it is heartfelt. Sometimes it is heartache. Sometimes it is just heartburn.”

6. Life-Size Lego Birds



Photo Credit: Thomas Poulsom

Thomas Poulsom first took inspiration from Britain’s birds to create these life-size Lego bird sculptures. Bobby the Robin is just one stunning example of how the artist is able to make bird sculptures that are incredibly life-like. His project has now extended beyond Europe to include flying friends found in North and South America. In order to make his birds an official Lego product, Poulsom needs 10,000 supporters. So far, he has close to 9,000. You can support him, here.

Which of these inspiring Lego creations took your breath away?

Header Photo Credit: Nathan Sawaya

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