INFOGRAPHIC: What to Bring in Your Carry-On Bag

The intersection of lifestyle and technology has brought us virtually (and physically) closer together than ever before. Life has become extremely fast-paced, and for many of us, that means traveling for work and for pleasure. Don’t waste your precious time making a checklist! Everything you need is here, perfectly package by our jet-setting experts, based on the original article entitled “What to Bring in Your Carry-On Bag” by Brett McKay of Art of Manliness.


Brett McKay / The Art of Manliness
Brett McKay
Founded in January 2008, The Art of Manliness is a blog focused on reviving the lost art of manliness. With over 7 million monthly page views, The Art of Manliness represents a new kind of magazine for men, one that focuses on helping men become better citizens, fathers, husbands, friends, and simply all around better men. Husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay head up the blog. They live in Tulsa, OK.
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