Best Bike Gadgets

Best Bike Gadgets

May is National Bike Month, which is a month long holiday that I can totally get behind. Over at Design*Sponge, we just threw a bike party to celebrate. And I ride my bike to work nearly everyday, and there are few gadgets that can certainly make your life easier. My favorite gadget is my bike computer. I love keeping track of my speed (and racing against myself! Yea, I’m a little geeky like that!). When you’re a New York commuter and competing for street space with both pedestrians and cars, there’s almost no gadget that is more helpful than a little bell. It’s a simple and effective way to let people know you’re coming! Whether you ride to commute to work, for pleasure or for exercise, a few choice gadgets can make your ride much smoother! Do you have a favorite bike gadget? -Amy Azzarito


Best Bike Gadgets
Image above: 1. Specialized Speed Zone $60 (This is the bike computer that I have and it works perfectly to keep track of my time and my speed without being too fancy.) | 2. camelbak performance bottle $9 | 3.  nautical reflective decals $9 | 4. knog blinder light front $44.95 | 5. linus headlamp $36 | 6. party coil lock $24.95 (allows you to lock up multiple bikes together) | 7. sogreni bike bell $65 | 8. bookman light set $30 | 9. jambox bike mount | 10. iphone bike mount $40


Best Bike Gadgets
Image above: 1. 12 tool set $29.95 | 2. bike mount stereo speaker $49.99 | 3. BikeCharge Dynamo,  $109.99 (If you ride using smart phone apps, this one will come in  handy. It converts your pedal power into an electrical juice to charge  your devices.) | 4. crane $19.99 | 5. boomer wearable light $24.95 | 6. blinder heart $29.95 | 7. bike wireless speaker $100 | 8. crank brothers pump$45 (small travel pump)


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Amy Azzarito / Design*Sponge
Amy Azzarito
Amy Azzarito is the managing editor of Design*Sponge. She recently published her first book, Past and Present, a book that translates topics of design history into present-day craft projects and is based on her Design*Sponge column. The book was published by Stewart, Tabori, and Chang in March 2013. You can follow her on Twitter @AmyAzzarito.
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