Handy Tips for Using Your Samsung Ultrabook™ Camera

The Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook™ presents great opportunities to utilize the webcam feature.  It boasts feature-rich capabilities ideal for any video capturing situation.

Being able to launch the webcam directly from the keyboard makes it user-friendly.  Another great feature is that you can edit and publish your video directly in the webcam software and upload to YouTube or other photo/video sharing websites. Adding special effects to your video via the built-in webcam software has never been easier. Choose from a variety of images and effects right on the same screen as you capture video or still photos from the webcam.

You can also set up video surveillance straight from the webcam software that can be toggled on and off at your leisure. Video enhancements like brightness, contrast, and color can also be done directly with the webcam software.  Having access to all of these types of edits make it easy. While viewing the webcam software suite, you also have the ability to view either at full screen or within the webcam window itself.

There are many options availble for viewing and displaying on screen. With these how-to tips, you’re on your way to enjoying the features that make the webcam component of the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook.  It is easy to use and an excellent choice for simplifying everyday tech life. Find out more about the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook™.


How do you use your webcam? Let us know what features you enjoy the most by sharing your comments with us.


Candy Tai / Mommypalooza
Candy Tai
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