9 Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts

Geeky Valentine's Day Gifts For Under $25
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It’s the season for love.  While long walks on the beach and romantic visions under the stars are stuff movies are made of, some of us have come to love partners that are a little less Mack Daddy and a little more McFly.  Isn’t it about time we embrace our geeky significant others with a gift that shows we truly appreciate them?  Check out this list of 10 innovative and heartfelt gifts to give this Valentine’s Day.  (We’re pretty certain that they’ll <3 them).

1. Detangle Your Love Lines



Things had to change when my RPG-ing husband would sneak into bed late at night, catching his toe on my iPhone’s charging cord, and sending my beloved smartphone (and a few choice words) flying through the air.  By replacing my cord with the D-lo Wall Dock charging shelf ($24 from Amazon), my iPhone now sits (and charges) snugly upright at any outlet, regardless of how far it is from a convenient nightstand.  Easy to tuck into a laptop bag for biz trips and outlet-deprived hotel stays, this one-piece solution may have saved my marriage (and my iPhone screen) from certain tragedy.

2. A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek


We’re assuming you’re at least a tiny bit geeky if you’re reading this list, but even those of us “tuned in” to the geekiness of our loved ones need a little help.  A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek (Amazon $14) takes a hard and humorous look at what makes your new beau tick, and even provides a geek litmus test to determine what level of geekishnish you should be prepared to deal with.  For those of us who have already come to know that “geek = chic” this book may just be a way to dust up on our appreciation for the man we’ve already come to know and love.  (And we’ll keep holding our breath for the Guy’s Guide to be released in the near future.)

3. DigiBling Original


What do you get when you mix a handful of beautiful used transistors with the styling genius of Etsy creator DigiBling? The top item on my wish list this year!  This simple chain necklace costs a mere $16 and boasts the benefits of true design skill with the aesthetic beauty of deep purple transistors.  Packed in anti-static bags, this creation is just one of many offered by DigiBling, and I can honestly say that I’d sport the jewelry as a viable alternative to my sometimes over-done, black freshwater pearls.

4. Welcome to the Dark Side… of Chocolates

tcho a day4.jpg

What Valentine’s Day would be complete without a gift of chocolate? We suggest you skip the run-of-the-mill box of assorted cream-filled centers and get a bit more high-tech with your cocoa bean fix.  San Francisco-based TCHO (founded by a Space Shuttle technologist) currently has an Artists Series of assorted dark chocolates and gift boxes – all guaranteed to help you get the body and brain benefits of dark chocolate.  Or check out their recipe section for those who are DIY enough to bake.  Starting at $16.95.


5. This Cake is Not a Lie

Gifts made by hand are definitely in style, especially when they are inspired by such tech staples as Google, Mac, and Digg. This lucky guy was surprised by a Reddit-themed Birthday Cake (which could easily be presented as an intuitive Valentine’s Day gift from the sweetie on a budget.)  Check out a variety of Geeky themed cake creations in this You Tube montage:


6. Geek Love Poems

Geek poem t-shirt7.jpg

Nothing quite says “love” like a dreamy ballad or an inspired poem. When you can throw in a few clever lines of code, however, you’ve got yourself the ultimate geek’s ode to romance.  This Geek Love Poem T-shirt can express how you feel in a way that your geek god will understand. Available in a range of sizes (for geeks of all body-types), it runs a mere $13.49 at ThinkGeek.

7. Anime-Me Portraits

[Image courtesy of Anime Portraits]

Have you always wanted to star in your own anime movie or comic book?   Anime Portraits offers custom Anime designs based off of your likeness, which means you can make yourself (or your crush) look like someone that just stepped out of a much-tamer Akira redux.  Not enough time for this Valentine’s Day, but how about your birthday?  Drop the hint that you’d like a portrait and your next gift may be one of these. Custom-made digital image starts at around $55.

8. TerraCycle Picture Frames

terracycle frame_9.png

Thinking about going “green” this Valentine’s Day? The TerraCycle picture frame (made from recycled circuit board materials) is perfect for the eco-geek on your gift list and costs less than $13. You’ll feel good knowing that you saved these computer scraps from a landfill death, and the aesthetically-pleasing frame design will compliment that portrait you’ve been waiting to give.

9. The IT Crowd

it crowd mug_10.jpg

Before you get tempted to snag a pre-filled gift basket from an expensive cookie chain, consider giving your own affordable creation: a goody-laden coffee mug!  We love this cup inspired by the BBC comedy The IT Crowd and adorned with the witty slogan “Have you tried turning it off and again?”  Stuff it full of chocolate kisses or candy hearts, and you’ve got a sentimental gift for well under $15.

Going geeky doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune. What can you get your geek guy or girl for under $25?

Linsey Knerl is the Community Manager for Wise Bread, a community dedicated to helping folks live large on a small budget.
She loves savvy tech solutions that help her share the world with her children.

Linsey Knerl / Wise Bread
Linsey Knerl
Linsey is the Community Manager for Wise Bread, a community dedicated to helping folks live large on a small budget. Linsey loves savvy tech solutions that help her share the world with her children.
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