6 Must Read Inspirational Blogs

Inspirational-Blogs.jpgWe all have areas in our lives that need improvement–whether it’s our careers, relationships, fitness or just overall mental and emotional state. Although making changes in any of these categories sounds like a huge undertaking, it all starts with making goals and taking that first step. Sometimes even that sounds daunting and we need a little bit of inspiration before we can take any steps. That’s when it’s time to take some advice from people who are already on the self-improvement journey. Check out these must read inspiration blogs and start improving your life one blog post at a time.

Life-Optimizer.jpgLife Optimizer

As a tech guy, Donald Latumahina was always trying to optimize computer resources and eventually found that the same concept could be applied to life. Realizing that (like most people) he wasn’t living up to his full potential, he started Life Optmizer as a guide to do just that. The blog features articles by a lot of great guest authors covering topics like self-improvement, time management and happiness.

Must Read Posts:

43-Folders.jpg43 Folders

While some inspirational blogs owe their claim to internet fame to simplicity and an emphasis on minimalism, that’s just not Merlin Mann’s style. 43 Folders is full of insanely detailed tips and tricks to bettering yourselfócovering topics like time management, tech tips and personal development. The amount of information Mann provides may seem overwhelming at first, but he makes it easy to find what you’re looking for with this handy how-to guide.

Must Read Posts

zen-habits.jpgZen Habits

You gotta give Leo Babauta credit for sticking to a theme. Zen Habits is one of the most relaxing blogs to read, not just because of the content, but the lack of content. Completely free of ads, banners and images, it’s the web design equivalent of a zen garden. Even the writing style is simple, consise and flows in a way that makes you want to read each word carefully without rushing. The blog covers all sorts of areas of life, which Babauta links through a central theme of changing from within. If you’re not sure where to begin, take a deep breath and start here.

Must Reads:

The-Positivity-Blog.jpgThe Positivity Blog

Henrik Edberg doesn’t consider himself a positivity expert, but simply an enthusiast. His blog encourages readers to simplify their lives, live more consciously and become happier with tips on improving productivity, people skills and building confidence. Many of the articles borrow ideas from historical figures and celebrities, which make for some pretty interesting reading.

Must Read Posts:

Tim Jacobsen / Cool Material
Tim Jacobsen
Cool Material is a hobby-turned-profession for online publisher, Tim Jacobsen. After starting a top 300 Internet retailer and holding a couple of SVP positions, his passion for social media, online marketing, and entrepreneurship drove him to branch out on his own. Started in 2008, the men's lifestyle blog covers everything from entertainment and technology, to art and style. Cool Material reaches out to over 600,000 readers each month, but the site’s hip, of-the-moment content and honest reviews continues to grow that number daily. Outside of his Internet world, Tim enjoys bicycling, poker, and traveling with his family.
Read More From Tim Jacobsen
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