A Blogger’s Ultrabook™ Wish List

A Blogger's Ultrabook™ Wish List


Blogging for a fun website is a pretty great gig. I talk about awesome gear all day and get about as dressed up as a college student with an 8am class. If your life also happens to revolve around punching away at your laptop during the work day, here are some of my wish list items I think you’ll also dig.


Vizio Thin + Light Ultrabook™ 1. Vizio Thin and Light Ultrabook™
What’s the point of a laptop if it’s heavy and huge? The Vizio Thin and Light Ultrabook™ is not only easy to drop in a bag and take on the road, but durable enough to handle it too.
Starting at $849


Sky Wifi Smartpen2. Sky WiFi Smartpen
We have brainstorming meetings here at Cool Material at least once a week. Right now, I usually jot down notes and then walk back to my computer to type them in. The Sky WiFi Smartpen makes the process a whole lot easier. It wirelessly transcribes your notes along with the audio it picks up (perfect for when you’re not paying as much attention as you should be because you just got a new game on your iPhone) right to your computer. It’s the perfect gift to help boost someone’s productivity. $172


Audio-Technica Headphones
3. Audio-Technica ATHM50S Headphones
Our office isn’t huge, so blasting my music through a set of speakers would probably drive the entire company crazy. These headphones are designed more for rock than bass-heavy hip hop. The quality is best heard when listening to some acoustic guitar tracks which is a lot of what I’ll put on during the work day. They’re an awesome gift for any music-lover on your list. $119


AViiQ Ready Clip4. AViiQ Ready Clip
If you’ve got an iPhone whose battery gets drained all too quickly like mine, these Ready Clips are perfect. Instead of adding more messy wires to your workspace, these 5.5” clips are perfect for dropping in your bag or pocket and charging or syncing your phone at the office. They’re ideal gifts for anybody who uses an Apple device. $15



MaKey Makey5. MaKey MaKey Original Invention Kit
Okay, most people wouldn’t take this to the office in the morning. Luckily, I have coworkers who like to goof off for a portion of the workday. So what is MaKey MaKey? Well, it’s hard to describe. All you do is plug it into your USB slot and then connect the alligator clips to a few different things and they become your keyboard. Sick of hitting the spacebar? Press down on your new banana spacebar! Want to play a video game using a Play-Doh controller you made? MaKey MaKey can make it happen. Make + key = MaKey. You dream up what you want it to do, and it does it. Best. Time waster. Ever. $50




LaCie Cloudbox6. LaCie Cloudbox
This is the ultimate little gizmo for creating your own cloud. Instead of relying on another service, this guy’s got the capability to handle all the sharing of photos and videos we do around on a daily basis. Plus, it looks sleek and sharp like the Vizio you’re working on. From $109



Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers7. Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers
These desktop numbers are the last pair of computer speakers you’ll ever need. They produce strong, clear sound and not only work with your computer, but also with just about all of your electronics. $123



Lightning Bolt Power Strip8. Lightning Bolt Power Strip
Since I get to work in a relaxed office space, we can have a little fun with the gear around our desks. This Lightning Bolt Power Strip is far more exciting than a standard surge protector. $15



What gadgets are on your wishlist? Tell us in the comments.


Mike Newman / Cool Material
Mike Newman
Mike Newman is the Managing Editor of CoolMaterial.com. The men’s lifestyle blog is dedicated to finding the latest and greatest gadgets and gear before anyone else. When not writing and searching out new and awesome stuff, Mike hosts a radio show on WPST in Philadelphia and New Jersey and spends lots of time seeking out great food. You can follow him on twitter @therealnewman.
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