Puppies & Touchscreens: Creative Inspiration From NOTCOT

We’ve been having so much fun with Bucky, our new black labrador retriever puppy, (the official puppy of NOTCOT!).  He’s now a mere 15 weeks, and as filled with as much puppy energy as he is adorable. But I must admit, he has definitely made work around our NOTCOT NOTLabs a bit harder, so it has been the perfect time to play with the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Ultrabook™ Convertible as I chase him around! From being able to quickly turn it into a tablet and keep working while trying to keep up with him… to being able to easily prop it up in any which angle to let my sister in London vidchat with him… to checking on him via security camera when he’s further away in the kitchen (hopefully staying out of trouble!)… and he’s even been quite an inspiration!

Thanks to Bucky, I made some of the cutest gift accessories… I took a quick cell phone picture of him in the kitchen, sent it to the laptop, created a silhouette in Photoshop, live traced it into a vector outline in Illustrator, fixed it up in Rhino, imported it to the laser cutting software, and plugged the laptop right into the laser cutter and out popped adorable mini acrylic Bucky gift tag/ornaments! Phew! And i managed to do it all pretty quickly while running around with him!

Take a peek below to see how the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Ultrabook™ Convertible helps me have more fun with our puppy… as well as a walk through of going from cell phone pic to gift accessory!


The Windows 8 “photo password” lets you create visual passwords out of three gestures – you can tap, circle, or draw a line… for example, tap the grass, circle the collar, and swipe the Frisbee!


Bucky video chats with our London editor over Skype!


And when we need to go work and leave him alone for a bit, we can easily keep an eye on him with the Logitech Alert Commander, and I love that you can have two apps on the same screen and bounce between them so easily. Here’s the Maps open with the Red Rock Canyon trail in Topanga we just brought Bucky to go explore.


Now, as for how we created our little gift tags from cell phone pics in under an hour… take a peek at the whole process below!


First, the cell phone image in the kitchen ~ sent to the touch screen!


Pinch + zoom! (It really does make it more fun to check the details and figure out which pictures to use.)


Then turn the picture in the kitchen into silhouettes!


From silhouette image to vector path!


Jean Aw / NOTCOT
Jean Aw
JEAN AW Founder of NOTCOT: Concept, Content & Creative, Editor-In-Chief of the NotEmpire*. . . Design Addict + UX Designer + Shopaholic + Tech Connoisseur + Design Writer + World Traveler *NotEmpire = not an empire, composed of NOTCOT.com, NOTCOT.org, NotCouture.com, and Liqurious.com
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  • natalie

    what type of laser cutter do you use?

  • natalie

    what type of laser cutter do you use?

  • keepalow

    Hmmm Well the equipment looks very expensive.