Tech Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

We start out every new year with the best intentions. We’re going to lose those pounds gained during the holidays, save money, get more organized, learn something new and reduce stress. When you step back and look at it all, it’s no wonder most of us don’t actually stick to our resolutions–that’s a pretty tall order. But that doesn’t mean New Year’s resolutions are impossible, especially with a little help. With the right attitude along with the right tools, gadgets and apps you can manage your goals and stick with them throughout the coming year.

health-fitness-resolutions.jpg1. Health and Fitness
After months of gluttony in the form of pumpkin pie and holiday cookies, it’s practically impossible not to pack on a few pounds. That’s why one of the most common resolutions is to get into shape and eat healthy. Luckily there are plenty of tools out there designed to help you manage your progress. You can track your physical activity, weight loss and food intake thanks to these gadgets and apps.

2. WiFi Body Scale
3. Fit Bit
4. The Eatery App
5. Jawbone Up
6. Weightbox
7. Food Scale

money-resolutions.jpg2) Save Money
Perhaps also by-product of over doing it during the holidays, another common New Year’s resolution is to save money. Check out these money saving tools that will help you decrease your electric and heating bills, shop smarter and keep track of your savings.

1. Energy Saving Charging Station
2. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
3. Amazon Price Check
4. Digital Coin Counting Money Jar
5. Google Shopper
6. Belkin Conserve Socket
7. Programmable Thermostat

organization tips.jpg3) Organization
Getting organized isn’t always that difficult, but staying that way can be–especially if you lack the necessary tools. Luckily there are apps that can help you organize your appointments and keep track of deadlines. There are also some great tools that make it easier to organize your portable devices, scan receipts and keep loose wires in check. And of course organization isn’t limited to your desk, but also your desktop–which is why you need a sleek, space-efficient hard drive.

1. Iomega 2TB MiniMax Hard Drive
2. Things Task Manager App
3. Bluelounge The Sanctuary Universal Charger
4. Cordies Desktop Organizer
5. Neat Receipt Scanner
6. Grid-It Gadget Organizer

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