10 Apps I Can’t Live Without

10 Apps I Can't Live WithoutAs we near the end of 2012, it’s always fun to look back at the year that was. With Android still on the rise, we have seen a number of amazing new Android apps hit the market. In fact, there are probably enough that we could have done this list three or four different ways. But since the focus needed to be on the ten that I can’t live without, I had to narrow it down. In the list below, you’ll get a feel for how I choose to experience life with a smartphone. Browsers, image editors, social networks, sports, and games are all a part of the story.


1.  Chrome (Free):
Google first released Chrome to Android in February and forever changed the browser experience on a smartphone. The day it dropped, was the day I switched and never looked back. Chrome for Android syncs every single tab I have open from my laptop to my desktop to my tablet to my phone. It holds all of my bookmarks that are attached to my Google account, you can swipe quickly between open tabs, and it offers quick access to full or mobile versions of websites. I could go on and on about how amazing Chrome has been for mobile browsing, but I’ll instead let you grab it for free and experience it for yourself.



2.  Instagram (Free):
This may seem like an obvious choice, but if you know me, it may not be. And I say that because I’m not a big fan of social networks. I spend all day on a computer covering the world of Android and smartphones, so when I’m done working for the day, the last thing I want to do is spend another couple of hours cruising Facebook, Twitter or Google+. But with Instagram, it’s so much different. It’s pictures. It’s a timeline. It’s a story of others’ lives presented in the simplest of fashions. This I can do. Instagram, to me, is the perfect social network. You get to see the world through the eyes of your friends.



3.  Falcon Pro ($0.99):
I was a diehard Hootsuite user when it came to Twitter clients until about two weeks ago when Falcon Pro was released onto Google Play. It is now, without a doubt, my favorite Twitter app of all time. You can access your timelines, mentions and direct messages with a simple swipe and tap. But after that, you can access all your lists or current trends with a similar swipe and tap. Navigating the app is about as simple as you’ll find on any app, something I can’t talk enough about. I used to be into Twitter apps with columns, but the side-panel design used in Falcon is so much better. The UI is done beautifully, the support the developer has given has been tremendous, and the full feature set is still on the way, yet it remains the best.



4.  Pocket (Free):
Pocket used to be called “Read It Later,” an app that wasn’t introduced in 2012. However, it became Pocket during 2012 after receiving a full makeover, so I’ve included it in my list. This app allows you to browse the web and save articles to be read at a later time. You can categorize each article with tags, read in dark or light modes, continue reading something exactly where you left off, and sync it between PC, tablet or smartphone. It’s beautifully designed, incredibly simple yet powerful, and is an app that has made my job so much more organized.



5.  Nova Launcher (Free):
One of the reasons I love Android so much, is the fact that it allows me to customize my phone to my liking. With an app like Nova Launcher, you get to take full advantage of this ability. It’s a 3rd party launcher, which means it replaces the stock home experience on your phone. Once applied, it gives you the ability to use custom icons, adjust grid sizes, change home screen transitions, manipulate the app drawer, and so much more. If there was something in your stock home experience that you weren’t enjoying, Nova likely has a fix.


Kellen B.
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  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=JRummy+Apps+Inc.&hl=en Jared Rummler

    My Top 10:
    1. ROM Toolbox ;)
    2. Nova Launcher
    3. Chrome
    4. AppMonger
    5. Beautiful Widgets
    6. Falcon Pro
    7. Google Maps

    8. Google Now
    9. Ski Safari
    10. SuperSU

  • Zach Jacobs

    3.Pixlr Express
    4.Play Music
    6.Swiftkey Flow
    9.Battery Widget?
    10. Saving ten for when i get JB and Google Now.

    • http://www.droid-life.com Kellex B

      Pixlr Express even over Snapseed? I keep hearing about it though, I guess I should probably check it out. :)

      • Zach Jacobs

        I haven’t used Snapseed yet, downloading it right now.

      • sam4327

        pixrl on the browser is great, didn’t know they made an android version

  • Greg Morgan

    1.Falcon Pro
    4.Root Explorer
    7.Google Music
    9.Angry Birds Star Wars

  • http://twitter.com/ElectroGadget ElectroGadget

    1. Pocket
    2. Feedly
    3. Tapatalk
    4. Wattpad
    5. BetterBattery Stats
    6. Solid Explorer
    7. Nova (Prime)
    8. Endomondo Pro
    9. TV Show Favs
    10. Google Now

    • xHabeasCorpusx

      +TV Shows Favs

  • William_Morris

    I want the background from No. 5. Don’t care about nova launcher, like that wallpaper.

  • Justin Bowers

    1. Go launcher

    2. Go locker

    3. Go sms pro

    4. Zedge

    5. Pandora

    6.Grub Hub

    7.NFL mobile for a few more weeks, then Flixter

    8.Dolphin Browser Beta

    9. Gmail

    10. Twitter

  • Bionic

    Go Launcher does everything nova does, but better.

    • JosephMoreno

      Except look like android by default. I like a launched that I can just download and set some apps up and it books like my regular launcher. On GO I’d have to apply some skins and I’m pretty sure GO doesn’t put widgets in the drawer.

      • Bionic

        You have a point. But it’s not hard to make Go look vanilla, not hard at all. The main reason I use Go is the moving dock bar, the backup capability, and it’s light on RAM usage. I do wish it had widgets in the drawer tho.

    • andrew galvin

      Golauncher is crap compared to Nova. It is so tacky.

      • Bionic

        How? You can make it look however you want, how is that tacky?

        • mjmedstarved

          I WAS a Go fan until Nova came along………… (running Nova on my Galaxy Nexus w/Jelly Belly 11.0 Android 4.2.1 in tango with Trinity Alpha 10 kernel)

    • xHabeasCorpusx

      My problem with Go Launcher is it’s data mining policies and it seems to lag on all of my devices.

  • Dlongb13

    1. Chrome
    2. Falcon Pro
    3. Google Now
    4. Gmail
    5. Google Maps
    6. Flipboard
    7. Nova Launcher
    8. Google Music
    9. HD Widgets
    10. Pandora

  • brkshr

    I would love to use Pocket but I’m paranoid about it being able to access your data on all websites & tabs and browsers. Does anyone know if it’s just the sites you save, or what? I’ve checked around and see nothing saying it’s just the sites you save. Their privacy policy didn’t help.

    • JosephMoreno

      You’re being paranoid as fuck.all pocket does is save a website in a nice readable format on your account.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Alan/100002938139033 Scott Alan

        Quite a mouth you have there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sebastian.pasion Sebastian Pasion

    In no particular order
    - Pulse
    - ScoreCenter
    - Tapatalk
    - Nova
    - BW
    - Gsam Battery
    - ESPN Radio
    - Titanium Back Up
    - Cache Cleaner NG
    - Swype

  • http://twitter.com/ThePapaPat Patrick Hawthorne

    Is there something similar to Falcon Pro for Facebook?

  • Steve

    evernote is all i need

  • http://twitter.com/HufflepuffBR Fábio Emilio Costa

    My Apps:

    1-) Apex (4.0) or Holo Launcher (2.3)
    2-) Plume
    3-) Instagram
    4-) Opera Mini
    5-) Player Pro
    6-) Rings Digital Weather Widget
    7-) Accuweatjher 8-) Qual Operadora? (Detects the carrier for a telephone number – useful on Brazil because of call costs from one carrier to another)
    9-) Número Certo (Formats the number of a phone before calling – same reason of 8)
    10-) Subway Surf

  • http://www.facebook.com/MauriceTheAquarius Maurice Q Watson


    2)Nova Launcher



    5)Chomp SMS



    8)Photo Grid


    10)SwiftKey 3(Soon To Be SwiftKey Flow)

  • Jim Vitatoe

    A few that I use on a regular basis

    Endomondo Pro

    Out Of Milk
    Dolphin Browser

  • http://twitter.com/LBJAY02 LBJAY02

    1.Enhanced SMS and Caller ID
    2. AirDroid
    3. APW (Facebook, Calendar, Contacts Widgets)
    4. HD Widgets (Clock, Weather)
    5. Falcon for Twitter
    6. Floating Browser
    7. Notify Pro
    8. Swiftkey
    9. PowerAmp
    10. Screen Filter

  • PurpAv

    Can’t live without? Seems like pretty strong language.

  • Annette

    I am not in the app world as of yet, I see that I am missing out on a lot of things that could benefit me, thanks for bringing me into this world of apps!

  • ostensibly

    in no particular order:

    nova launcher
    Google Voice
    AOKP (ok, not an app)

  • http://twitter.com/ivan_bezdomny Nikolai Yakovenko

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Chadwick. We’ve made a few small improvements since you posted this, and will have optional mobile notifications for your favorite teams in the new year. What other features would you like to see us add? We could probably make it happen.

  • Todd Kleinert

    BS Player (paid)
    vPlayer (paid)
    Super Video Player (free)
    WinAmp Pro (paid)
    ES File Explorer (free)
    iDisplay (paid)
    ScreenSlider (paid)
    Chrome (free)
    Floating Browser (free)
    Titanium Backup for Root (paid)

  • Pui lam henry

    game center
    four square
    we heart it
    dream of pixels
    find friends

  • ISSolutions4U

    I’m new to the smart phone world, less than 6 months. The app I use the most is Evernote. Although I’m going to check out the pattrn app you mentioned.

  • milo han

    i used android system for about 2 years ,but the our apps are different from yours , i played JUSTPIANO often

  • http://www.adeyemiadisa.com/ Adeyemi Adisa

    I wouldn’t say “Can’t live without” instead I will say “android apps I use most” .

  • http://www.facebook.com/mickey.jones.125 Mickey Jones

    1 Clockworkmod Recovery (not really an app but software)

    2 Nova launcher Prime

    3 Chrome (beta)

    4 Tasker

    5 Tasks+

    6 Solid Explorer

    7 Business Calendar

    8. Any.DO

    9 Pure News Widget

    10 ListNote

    Didn’t name google apps except Chrome

  • Dave Block

    Hmmm. Can’t live without? Have 3 apps on my phone for making travel reservations, planes, trains and automobiles, period. I have better things to do with my life than stare at an inanimate object.

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  • Sandy

    Don’t worry you wont die without these apps.. I used to think the same and then my ‘smart phone’ ‘died’. I m still alive and not doing too bad with my phone that is not ‘smart’ now.