8 Fantastic Photo Ideas You Can Do Right Now

8 Fantastic Photo Ideas You Can Do Right NowWhile programs like Photoshop can now take your photos to the next level, you don’t have to rely on post processing software to make some truly memorable shots. In fact, some of the most creative photo ideas are the ones you can do with a few basic tools and your sense of imagination. Today, we’ve rounded up eight of them that have, almost all, been inspired by photographers who are great at thinking outside-the-box. May they inspire you to pick up your camera and try a new technique you hadn’t thought of much before.


1. Create Whimsical Sidewalk Chalk Scenes


Thanks to photographers like Jason Lee and Dave Engledow, it’s never been more fun to be a parent. You don’t have to have crazy Photoshop skills, however, to create whimsical scenes like this, you can do what photographer Kim Coopet did and use just regular old chalk. Whether your son wants to pretend that he’s flying like Superman or your daughter feels like dancing in the rain (when it’s bright and sunny outside), there’s nothing that can hold you back. Well, maybe just your imagination. (See also Jan von Holleben’s Dreams of Flying series.)


2. Take Travel Photos of Just Your Feet

If you love traveling but hate having your picture taken, why not take pictures of just your traveling feet? That’s what Tom Robinson did in his series titled Feet First. Started back in 2005, the series was originally comprised of photos of his and his girlfriend’s feet as they traveled the world. The project became even more endearing after they had their daughter in 2011. You can try this out yourself by picking a memorable spot and then shooting pictures of you and your family’s feet.


3. Replace World Landmarks with Cheap Souvenirs


Next time you’re taking a trip to a faraway city, why not pick up a cheesy souvenir and then have some fun? Photographer Michael Hughes started this hobby back in 1998 where he uses forced perspective to make his tiny replicas of landmarks appear like actual places. While Hughes’ photos have now been seen over 5 million times, that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow this simple idea and make it your own. At the very least, you’ll never look at those cheesy souvenirs (and those busy shops) the same way ever again.


4. Create Superhuman Illusions


Next time you and your loved one are looking for cool and creative ways to take a couples picture, look down. That’s what San Diego wedding photographer Aaron Wilcox did when he shot these two laying on the pavement. There’s no fancy Photoshop tricks done here, the couple is actually lying on the floor at the base of some stairs. Is the man actually lifting up his partner? Not quite. Though the photo gives off the illusion that he has superhuman strength, he’s actually just placing his hands underneath her feet.


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