College Fashionista: Working Out in Style

Technology and clothing are just as prominent at the gym as free weights and cardio machines. What you wear and the electronics you use can be the difference between a good workout and an amazing one. Fashion and technology may not seem to go together, but their connection is stronger than it appears. In terms of gym style, technology plays almost as vital a role as water. From your headphones to your sneakers technology is embedded within every aspect of your look.

My outfit’s components embody both technology and a sense of style. My Lululemon Boogie Shorts and Power Y Tank  are both made from material that is preshrunk and helps absorb sweat. Not only do I stay drier while I sweat, but also the garments won’t stretch out as I actively move, making for a more enjoyable workout. Sporty headbands in a plethora of prints and colors are made from materials that help absorb sweat while also fashionably keeping hair out of your face. I chose to contrast my powder pink, Lululemon tank with the bright magenta accents on my Nike sneakers while also contrasting the sneaker’s charcoal gray color with my headband. With a lightweight, black jacket to combat the crisp breeze and my steel gray iPod shuffle, my look comprised of basics gives off a sporty-chic vibe and is perfect for my workout—cardio and lifting.

The fabrics used in gym clothing are technologically designed to help improve your workout experience. Various brands use different technologies depending on things such as temperature and the actual physical activity. For example, Under Armour has heat and cold gear designed for working out in certain temperatures as well as certain garments dedicated to running and other activities.

Fashion and technology is also evolving in sneakers. Depending on the intended activity, shoe technology changes to provide full support. Every aspect of sneakers including the materials, rubber, and soles is designed with a specific purpose. Cross-trainers fit the foot differently from running shoes and basketball shoes because the movement differs. When running, you seek a shoe that’s light and flexible whereas when you play basketball you may opt for high-tops for ankle support. Within all these categories of sneakers, the design and colors vary depending upon your desired look.

Fashion and technology work together to help make you look and feel good while you sweat it out at the gym. With a constant flow of new garments, electronics and designs, you can put all your energy into working out instead of worrying about if your new yoga pants will look like baggy sweats after the elliptical.

How do you stay in style while working out? Share with us your tips!

Britt Fowler is a junior at Syracuse University majoring in magazine journalism with minors in sociology and nutrition. In addition to writing and editing for CollegeFashionista, she is also the Fashion and Beauty editor of the student-run magazine Equal Time.  CollegeFashionista is a fashion blog site for those who are passionate about the latest college fashion styles and trends on campuses around the world. CollegeFashionista allows students and other young adults to view photographs of what their peers are wearing around college campuses and gain valuable insight and tips to incorporate these looks into their own college fashion wardrobes.

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    For the record, there is a REASON why this article only deals with girls’ fashions in the context of working out: Because boys DON’T GIVE A SH*T about fashion when they’re in the gym.