Coolest Kickstarter Products You Can Buy Now

Coolest Kickstarter Products You Can Buy NowEvery day it seems like there’s at least one new project I want to back on Kickstarter. Now, the issues with the crowdfunding site have been well-documented. First of all, some products become so insanely popular that the people behind them can’t meet the demand. They in turn go crazy, and the product never comes to fruition. Kickstarter has also had to make it abundantly clear that backing something doesn’t mean you’re buying it, you’re simply willing to. With all these little issues, it can be worthwhile to wait and buy the products after they’ve been funded and are readily available. Here are some of the coolest ones you can buy right now.


1. Twine
Twine, which got funded back in January, simply obliterated its goal. The folks behind it set out to raise $35k and ended up pulling in over $550k! Unlike some products that became insanely popular, Twine didn’t crumble under its own weight. Now available to purchase for 99 bucks, Twine uses WiFi to connect you to parts of your life. Set it up so you get a text when your laundry is done or when someone is at your door, or use it to let you know if there is water building up in your basement or if your air conditioner is shot. The web interface is simple enough that you don’t need any advanced programming knowledge to get it all working.


2. Zooka
Anyone who’s ever watched a movie on an iPad has realized that you need to crank the volume if you’re not using some sort of external speaker. The Zooka wireless iPad speaker is a solid solution since it’s extremely portable and it slips right onto your iPad or laptop. The speaker was a hit on Kickstarter earlier this year and is now available in the Apple store for a cool $100.


3. The Amplifiear
Remember all that stuff about your iPad speaker being less than adequate? Well, here is your affordable solution. The Amplifiear is simple in concept and clever in execution. Simply pop it on the corner of your iPad that has the speaker and it redirects the sound towards you so it’s louder. For an idea of how it works, go cup your hand over the speaker of your Apple device and take a listen. You can either get wrist cramps from keeping your hand there while watching Netflix or get The Amplifiear. $25


4. Keylet
I despise carrying around a wad of a keychain and a wallet that looks like it belongs to George Costanza. Luckily, there have been a ton of new products released that cut down on that mess, none greater than the Keylet. Even though it was only funded a few months back, the Keylet is already available to purchase. It’s an ultra minimalist wallet and key holder that slips easily into the front pocket of your jeans or jacket pocket.


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    I’m really interested in Twine. It seems like you can do a lot with it.