Holiday Gift Guide: 22 Nerdy Geek Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide: 22 Nerdy Geek GiftsSometimes it’s hard to figure out what gifts a geeky technophile would like to receive for the holidays. Well, author Jennifer Griffith has taken to the internet to uncover the most awesome nerdy tech items imaginable, compiling them in one convenient list.

Whether you’re gift shopping for a gamer, a bookworm, or a sci-fi fan, our guide will help you find that perfect present for any nerdy tech lover.

Superheroes to Help Transfer Pictures
If you know someone who needs a card reader they can count on, look no further than these comic book superheroes. Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman will help get files from a microSD card to the computer and back safely.

Also available in “Star Wars” flavors!

DC Comics MimoMicro USB drive & reader
Price: $12.99
Buy it: From ThinkGeek


A Wake-Up Call From the Dark Side
Star Wars fans who don’t want to disappoint Lord Vader will get out of bed when this giant Lego alarm clock goes off. Of course, it might be too hard to resist pushing down on Vader’s helmet to snooze a few minutes longer. Did we mention that he’s even poseable?


Darth Vader Lego minifigure alarm clock
Price: $39.29
Buy it: From Firebox


A Joystick for iPad Games
If you’re buying for someone who plays a lot of arcade-style games on the iPad, then check out Fling. With this convenient device in their arsenal of gaming accessories, the iPad owner in your life will have even more fun playing iOS games that would benefit from an analog stick.


Fling iPad joystick
Price: $19.95
Buy it: From Ten One Design



A Sleek Headset for the Guild Wars 2 Player
Someone who is into the recently released online multiplayer game Guild Wars 2 would love this officially licensed headset. With an attractive design reminiscent of the game’s cover art, it includes a microphone plus headphones that fold in for easy transport.


SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Headset
Price: $99.99
Buy it: From SteelSeries America




A Minecraft Creeper Everyone Will Want to Cuddle
Anyone who has spent time in the pixelated wonderland that is Minecraft dreads the sound of one of these potentially explosive creatures approaching. There’s no need to fear this plushie, though — it just makes creeper noises with none of the disastrous results.


Minecraft Creeper Plush Toy With Sound
Price: $34.99
Preorder it: From Jinx



11 Timey-Wimey Minifigures
This set of “Doctor Who” minifigures is perfect for any fan of the show who likes Legos. They are compatible with the same plastic bricks we know and love, and they even come with sonic screwdriver accessories! There’s no guarantee that they won’t run off to investigate some kind of interstellar anomaly from time to time, though.


“Doctor Who” Minifigure Set of 11 Doctors
Price: $39.99
Buy it: From ThinkGeek


A Gaming Mouse for Diablo Fans
Someone who loves Diablo III would totally geek out over this officially licensed mouse. Its seven buttons can be used with a preset configuration designed for the game, or you can quickly reconfigure them to your preferred control scheme. The game’s logo shows prominently, and it glows with a fiery red light to set the mood for some demon hunting.


SteelSeries Diablo III Gaming Mouse
Price: $69.99
Buy it: From Amazon


Kindle Covers for Classic Lit Lovers
Let that avid book reader in your life tell the world they love the classics with one of these colorful Kindle covers. You can snag one for the Kindle 3 and the Kindle 4, with versions featuring “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “Dracula ” “Frankenstein,” and “Wuthering Heights.”


Classic Novel Kindle Covers
Price: $23.59
Buy it: From Firebox


The iPhone Case for a “Lord of the Rings” Fan
No adventuresome hobbit would get lost in Middle-earth with this map case for the iPhone 4/4S. If you don’t know any hobbits, give one to your resident expert on “The Lord of the Rings.” It might not be available for the iPhone 5 yet, but that doesn’t make this case any less epic.


“The Lord of the Rings” Middle-Earth Map iPhone Case
Price: $34.95
Buy it: From


A Wearable Map of Middle-Earth
Even if your “Lord of the Rings” fan doesn’t have an iPhone, you can still give a stylish yet practical Middle-earth map with this wristwatch.

“The Lord of the Rings” Middle-Earth Map Adult Watch
Price: $39.95
Buy it: From



A Jacket Straight from Pandaria
Anyone enamored with the new Mists of Pandaria expansion to World of Warcraft would love this fun hoodie, which is based on the jacket worn by the monk on the game’s cover. It’s stylish while still making a geeky statement, plus it will let you dress for the occasion before settling in for a night-long raid.

Also available in women’s sizes.


World of Warcraft Monk Premium Zip-Up Hoodie
Price: $62.99 to $79.99 (depending on size)
Buy it: from Jinx


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