8 Websites That Inspire You to Live Healthy

8 Inspirational Websites That Will Motivate You to Live HealthyThere are tons of websites out there focused on health and fitness regimens. Most of the time, they’re listing things you should be doing to get the perfect body, but there’s more to being healthy than superficial appeal. Being healthy is about stimulating the mind, body, and soul. Today, we’ve rounded up some of the most inspirational sites that will motivate you to become a healthier, better version of yourself. So, rather than pointing out flaws and suggesting quick fixes, these sites are sure to offer handy tips, recipes, and food for thought to leading a healthy lifestyle.


1. PickTheBrain

PickTheBrain is an excellent source for people looking to lead a well-rounded, healthier lifestyle. Since it was founded by John Wesley in 2006, the site has been motivating readers to lead healthier and, therefore, happier lives. Whether it be through encouraging daily exercise or laughter, PickTheBrain offers informative insight and helpful tips that inspire growth and improvement on many levels.


2. Weighthacker

Weighthacker is a fairly new site by self-proclaimed geek Craig Engler that is the perfect spot for any tech-savvy individual looking to get healthy without having to drastically alter their geeky lifestyle. The site offers great ways to incorporate technology you already use into your daily regimen to keep you on track and help you out. There are even some great nerdy hacks like a computer desk treadmill. Weighthacker also often takes a logical look at food and how to satiate cravings without overdoing it with junk food.


3. The Standard Moves

The Standard Moves is a Tumblr blog that teaches readers and followers different exercise moves through gifs. Each specific movement is demonstrated by expert instructors seeking to exemplify proper form for optimum performance. In today’s fast-paced day and age, people tell themselves that they don’t have the time to do a full workout video, so this site works perfectly into their schedule. It is also proves that “GIF” has rightfully been awarded the title of Oxford Dictionaries 2012 US Word of the Year.



LIVESTRONG is a site that provides expert content about diet, nutrition, and fitness with additional in-site tools and apps to keep your healthy living goals on track. It is a site dedicated to keeping people healthy through a community that celebrates daily victories. They say, “We aim to share our members’ powerful, personal success stories as a catalyst that can create an evolution of change.” In addition to short-term successes, LIVESTRONG offers insight and support for long-term goals like quitting smoking.


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