Developing Personal Style Through Technology

As a college student and CollegeFashionista Style Guru, I would be nowhere without technology. Thanks to the Intel processor in my laptop, I am able to stay on top of school and internships throughout the day as well as remain current with the fashion world.

My laptop and iPhone are the two main forms of technology in my life.  I am constantly using the Internet to check e-mails, catch up on social media, edit photos and research the latest trends on blogs – which are my secret to discovering the most amazing clothing, shoes and accessories.

Blogs are a great place to see how runway looks are translated into street fashion. Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller and Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes are just a couple of my blogger style icons. While they are not necessarily focused on what is currently trending, they do report on what stands out to them from the runway shows each season. They then offer up innovative ways to incorporate their favorite parts of the shows into their already established personal styles. This is helpful to Fashionistas/os who are looking for ways to keep their looks fresh and interesting while still staying true to themselves.


Abigail Campbell / College Fashionista
Abigail Campbell
Abigail Campbell is a Style Guru for College Fashionista who studies at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. She gathers style inspiration from fashion bloggers, celebrities and the runway. Abigail loves to interpret trends in her own way and combines them with her current clothing and accessories to create a seemingly new wardrobe every season. As a college student, thrifting and DIY projects are crucial for her as a college student and helps her express herself through clothing without breaking her budget.
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