10 Quick and Easy DIY Projects Found on Pinterest

10 Quick and Easy DIY Projects Found on PinterestWhile you can go out and spend your hard earned money at any number of stores, there will always be something special about designing and creating objects or experiences with your own bare hands. The internet has made DIY projects easy to find, especially with sites like Pinterest. Today we’ve rounded up 10 quick and easy DIY projects we found on the popular social networking site that we hope will inspire you. While some might get you into the holiday spirit, others are just meant to fire you up and get your creative juices flowing.


1. Start a Gratitude Jar

In order to cultivate gratitude in your family, Kim from In Our Write Minds suggest starting a gratitude jar. At the beginning of the year, take an empty jar and begin filling it with notes. Young children are encouraged to write one thing every day while older children can write more. Each note should be personal and meaningful. Dump out the jar at the end of the month or year to remind you and your family about all the things you were thankful for.


2. Wrap Gifts in Vintage Sheet Music

Looking for a classy way to wrap your gifts this year? HGTV liked this idea from Marian of the blog Miss Mustard Seed. For a timeless look, forget store bought wrapping paper. Instead, wrap small gift boxes with vintage holiday sheet music and then add a thick ribbon.


3. Surround a Candle with Cinnamon Sticks

What better way to make your room smell wonderful than with the scent of cinnamon? Let the warmth of the candle release the spicy scent. Just wrap cinnamon sticks around your candle and secure them with twine and then let the sweet aroma fill the room. A great idea from the Home & Garden blog.


4. Give Your Bookcase a Makeover

Turn a boring, drab bookcase into something to stare at with this bookcase makeover! Blogger Sarah Gunn gives step by step instructions on how to achieve this stylish look using materials like stencils, spray adhesive, and paint. You can also just cover the back of shelves with fabric panels or wallpaper simply by using a hot glue gun.


5. Create Easy Anthropologie-Inspired Confetti Cups

Zandi of Radical Possibility shows us how to create some fun and festive cups that look like they’re from Anthropologie! Using glasses from a thrift or dollar store, she paints on tiny dots using acrylic paint and then seals it afterwards. In the comments’ section a reader suggests using Martha Stewart’s new line of craft paints that can be used on glass. After painting and baking with this particular paint, no sealant is required.


Alice Yoo / My Modern Met
Alice Yoo
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