10 Amazing Paper Artists You Should Know

10 Amazing Paper Artists You Should KnowOne of the easiest materials to get your hands on is paper, yet, ironically, it is also one of the most difficult to work with. Paper is fragile and the slightest bend can leave a sheet with an unwanted crinkle in it. That’s why it takes true masters of their craft to produce stunning work. While many attempt to manipulate the material, few succeed in captivating audiences with not only with their artistic renditions but also their visionary techniques. Today, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most amazing paper artists whose expert abilities are translated through their craftily constructed art.


1. Yulia Brodskaya

Russia-born, UK-based Yulia Brodskaya is an artist that paints beautiful pictures with paper. The creative produces powerful portraits as well as stylized typography with her brilliantly rich color palette. Best known for her masterful skills in quilling, an art form that involves the decorative arrangement of rolled strips of paper, Brodskaya creates a feast for the eyes with each new addition to her growing collection of work.


2. Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen is an artist who utilizes not only the paper he works with but also the negative spaces cut out of each sheet. For his smaller projects, the artist tends to use one page with cutouts that are then incorporated into the design. No matter the size, though, Callesen often plays with perceived dimensions and silhouettes, presenting a duality of 2D and 3D. The artist says, “I find this materialization of a flat piece of paper into a 3D form almost a magic process.”


3. Diana Beltran Herrera

Colombian paper sculptor Diana Beltran Herrera focuses her talents on creating several artistic renditions of three-dimensional birds. From the hummingbird’s long, stem-like beak to the bright chest of the Orange-breased Fruiteater, Herrera captures the signature look of each species. She also takes basic paper bird sculpting to another level with her Disecciones set in which she offers a glimpse of the anatomical inner workings of our feathered friends.


4. Jen Stark

Jen Stark is a Miami-born, Los Angeles-based artist who started working with paper by chance. It was the cheapest material for the artist-on-a-budget to experiment with. Luckily, it proved to be a wise purchase that was more than just easy on the wallet. Stark uncovered her raw talent for complementing colors and carving aesthetically pleasing patterns. Combining these two thing have resulted in a number of remarkably psychedelic sculptural creations.


5. Anja Markiewicz

Anja Markiewicz is a German artist who has taken to the Japanese art of paper folding known as origami. What sets her work apart from other origami enthusiasts is the size of each of her figures, most of which require a magnifying glass to take in the intricate details. The tiny pieces in Markiewicz’s “nano-origami” series are made from squares of paper that are as small as 9mm and result in little sculptures that are minute enough to rest on one’s fingertips.


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