Gadgets for Music Lovers

Gadgets for Music LoversIf there is one genre of tech gear that I have not yet immersed myself in, it would have to be music gadgets. As a lover of music, I am a bit surprised that I have never really invested any money into the passion. Yes, I have an iPod and speakers dock, but there is so much more music gadget magic out there to be had. So I’ve decided to round up just a few of my favorites in the music tech world for you today.

Is there a music gadget that you just can’t live without? Let me know about it in the comments.

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers
1. Libratone speaker, $549
2. megaphone dock, $768
3. white headphones, $72
4. mini turntable, $89.95
5. iPhone attachable speaker, $14.25
6. SpeaQualiser, $30.98

Music Gift List
1. Monster DNA headphones, $229.95
2. leather headphonesleather headphones, $160
3. Pacemaker DJ app, $9.99
4. wireless speaker, $49.95
5. speaker ledge, $169
6. SoundRing speaker, $479

Go ahead, get your groove on!

Stephanie Todaro / Design*Sponge
Stephanie Todaro
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