Top 10 Art Trends We’re Loving Right Now

Top 10 Art Trends We're Loving Right NowThese days, you don’t have to visit a museum to see inspiring works of art. The Internet has made appreciating artwork quick and easy, giving us an endless amount of eye-candy to enjoy. Finding what speaks to you is a whole new matter, sorting through all the different mediums like painting, sculpture, photography and installations is a huge undertaking in and of itself. That’s why, today, we bring you some of the art trends we’ve learned to love over the years. From book sculptures to immersive installations, they’re what we can only hope to see more of.


1. Book Sculptures and Installations


From Brian Dettmer and Guy Laramee’s incredible book sculptures to Anouk Kruithof’s falling wall and Miler Lagos’ inventive igloo, as an artistic medium, books have never been so popular. With the rise of e-readers these fantastic artworks are all the more appreciated. They’re a nice reminder that, even though we’re living in the age of the Internet, books will always have their place.


2. Beautiful Umbrella Installations


Often put away in a closet until needed on a rainy day, umbrellas have suddenly appeared in installations all around the world. From Portugal’s rainbow canopy to Bulgaria’s pink patterned display, these installations aren’t meant to keep you dry, rather they’re created to show us that extraordinary art can be made out of quite ordinary objects.


3. Interactive Street Art


Street art isn’t only created to make a social or political statement, sometimes it’s there for the thrill of those who happen to pass by. These clever pieces of art, ranging from Ernest Zacharevic’s bicycle riding children to Panya Clark Espinal’s anamorphic subway stairs, are meant to come alive with public interaction. Unknowingly or knowingly, the public becomes a part of the artwork, bringing a creative new dimension to the already interesting work.


4. Artwork Created with Thousands of Things


When artwork is created using thousands of items is it always better? In these cases, yes. From Luzinterruptus’ flowing river of books to Ran Hwang’s bright red bird made of buttons and pins, these installations show us what can happen when thousands of items are in the hands of some very patient artists. Who knew that a pixelated portrait could be made using crayons in a Pointillist-style if not for the work of American artist Christian Faur? It’s ingenuity at its finest.


5. Epic LEGO Sculptures


While LEGO’s trademark plastic bricks will always be a classic toy, these artists have taken them to a whole new level with these epic sculptures. Carefully constructed, brick by brick, these amazing artworks, which include a spooky Victorian house, an underground Batcave, a Roman coliseum and a Star Wars M.C. Escher re-mix, are almost too incredible for words. Using thousands of LEGO blocks, each artist behind these sculptures has created a work of art that’s as timeless as LEGO itself.

Alice Yoo / My Modern Met
Alice Yoo
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  • Memory Lapse

    Great article, thx :D

  • Justine Moment Factory

    I prefer when those trends are mixed and matched! But if I have to choose, my favorite one would be the tenth : Immersive Interactive Installations.

  • Divya

    Thread Installations, BIG THUMBS UP!

  • Joshua Bentley

    Cool article, but why are there just thumbnail images with no links to either the installation sites or higher res images?

  • Tsv1138

    Some things are hardwired into our lizard brains as interesting. A million of anything is interesting. Red things are interesting, things nailed to a wall that aren’t usually are interesting, and most things that require passive/active engagement are interesting because we like to play with things. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I like that artists are exploring these topics…. and I’m going to have to agree with Justine Movement Factory that Immersive Interactive installations are where it’s at. I like when the artist gets to play world builder, and invites everyone in.

  • anna maria lopez

    Great 10 art trends selection, the compilation is completely accurate good eye! ;)

  • Brosix

    I love the umbrella trend too. It never gets old!