Top 10 Creative Sports Photographers

Photo Credit Agustin MunozPhotography is a popular medium for creatives these days but that’s not to say that it’s an easy practice. This is especially true if we’re talking about sports photography—it’s a whole ‘nother ball game! Catching the action without turning out a blurry mess is a task on its own, but it takes some truly talented individuals to also encapsulate the excitement of sporting events and disciplined strength of the athletes. Adding unique artistic flare is also a pleasant, though rare, attribute of some sports photographers’ work. Today, after much research and consideration, we’ve rounded up some of the best sports photographers out there that are immersed in the action and know how to churn out some of the most creative shots of the world’s greatest sports.



1. Agustin Munoz

Agustin Munoz is an extreme sports photographer who captures high energy, death-defying scenes fit for thrill-seeking photo enthusiasts. From surfing and skiing to bullfighting and BMX, Munoz covers sports both in the water and on solid ground that contain high levels of risky excitement. The photographer has also mastered the action sequence technique across all forms of athletics, offering multiple perspectives of an athlete’s path of action.



2. Ray Demski

Canada-born, Berlin-based photographer Ray Demski is a self-proclaimed action addict who focuses his art on movement, primarily in the form of rigorous sports and dance. His portfolio is teeming with a wide variety of sporting activities and portraits of athletes with a sense of movement. There is a constant surge of energy that runs through Demski’s portfolio that enlivens the viewer, drawing them into the action.



3. Marcel Lämmerhirt

Marcel Lämmerhirt is a German photographer who began his professional career in 2005. After inviting pro snowboarders around the world to an Austrian house he rented in the mountains, in an effort to make connections and take some pictures, he submitted his work to magazines. It seems the tactic has paid off because today the photographer shoots extraordinary shots of athletes accomplishing gravity-defying tricks on their snowboards, skis, and bikes, as well as fearlessly diving off of cliffs.



4. Jonathan Lucas

London-based skateboarder-turned-photographer Jonathan Lucas captures the swift movements of his fellow urban athletes. Perhaps his most awe-inspiring set of images are his parkour shots. Lucas manages to freeze time when photographing the fast-paced, unpredictable activity, leaving freerunners caught in mid-air. The photographer also puts the sequence technique to good use, giving its audience a mapping of their successive motion.



Pinar Noorata / My Modern Met
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    Great selection of sports photography thanks. Got to say I am getting weary of the multiple capture shots… seems everyone is doing them and they all start to look the same.

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    The power of a photo is nothing short of extraordinary. To share in the moment of joy that is captures a reality belonging to someone else is truly amazing. It’s really like being there. Photos help us to embark on our own journey using imagination.