Must-Have Accessories for the Gamer at Heart

Question Mark RingThe die-hard gamer breathes all things related to reliving their on-screen persona. Although playing Zelda or World of Warcraft is enough to wet a true gamers appetite when it comes to thriving in cyberspace, reality soon hits and the chance of serious withdrawal is no laughing matter. To help these individuals cope with the severance between the offline and online spheres, gamer accessories have been pushed into the limelight by those who understand this dilemma. From Pokémon bowties to Super Mario guitars, these items offer game-lovers just the right amount of pizzazz to never fully let go of their onscreen avatar.



Video Game Bow Ties

Crashed Hope Designs
After playing a cutthroat round of Super Smash Brothers and dominating Kirby with your sword-wielding Zelda character, you realize that the time has come to cut all onscreen ties for the day and face the real world. You hit the off button, and feel a pang of withdrawal instantly, like your lifeline is slowly draining. Thankfully you look down to see the one piece of clothing to get you through the next 24 hours: a gaming bowtie. The small item is no more than a tiny section of folded fabric, but the Pokémon decorations provide the perfect boost to fuel your batteries until the next epic battle. Thanks to Crashed Hope Designs, you now have a number of themed bowties to choose from.



Game Boy Watch
While some individuals will continue their love of gaming throughout their lifetime, others move on until the days of playing Duck Hunt become a distant memory. Although not everyone regrets dropping this popular pastime, it’s hard not to feel a pang of nostalgia upon seeing a SNES with Super Mario Kart on repeat. To avoid these sudden hits of pastime memories, proud gamers can hang onto a keepsake at all times with the Game Boy watch. Picture an old-school Game Boy, but in miniature timepiece form. Although you won’t be able to play any games on the device, you can still reminisce about the good times while maintaining a punctual schedule.


Question Mark Ring

Although the traditional gamer stereotype is an adolescent male who spends an excessive amount of time online, ladies are now starting to show their gaming love with geek-chic accessories. Men may show their passion with bowties, but women can also boast their interest with these Super Mario-Inspired rings. The pixilated Question Mark ring is made from silver and can add a bit of bling to any outfit, even if your gaming days are now over.



Super Mario Guitar
Some gamers can sit and stare at their screens all day until the last level of Zelda is complete, but others need a break from time to time. To stimulate those gaming senses, a creative outlet can help to boost neurons and dexterity (two important components in defeating the dark lords of the video game world). Now gamers can enter an entirely different realm with the Super Mario Guitar, the perfect compromise between rocker cool and geek-chic. The piece is fully functional, and the strings are attached to a giant Mario gearing himself to power up. With a little musical stimulation from the man himself, stomping mushrooms and killing Bowser shouldn’t be a problem.


Rupee Pillows
When your long hard day of gaming is complete, rest is essential for reenergizing and clearing the mind for another round of battle. Some players have Super Mario sheets to provide that comforting feeling of familiarity, and for hardcore gamers, age does not mean retreating to a boring bedroom. On the contrary, this is the time to fuel your inner self and become immersed in surroundings that complement your need for triumph. Comfort, however, is always essential, so these Rupee pillows from Zelda can help you recharge without worrying about a sore back.


Accessories for the gamer at heart come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and aging individuals can always find new ways to show their love for this popular pastime. Regardless of one’s favorite game, demographic or background, these items will constantly refuel gamers’ passion for playing.

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