The Best Looking Apps

The Best Looking AppsIn a world run by apps, it’s time we start considering those that stand out among the rest…graphically that is. Yes there are hundreds of thousands–maybe even millions–of apps to choose from out there, but when selecting which ones will win a coveted spot on your phone, it might be time (or just more fun) to find some that are both useful and aesthetically beautiful.

There is a lot of impressive app design happening right now, and today I am sharing some of my favorites.

Do you know of a good looking app that I may have missed? Share your favorite ones in the comments below!


Flight CardFlight Card, $4.99
This retro styled flight tracker makes it easy and beautiful to keep track of your flight status, boarding gates, and flight numbers.



1Weather1Weather, Free
This real-time weather app is both functional and nice to look at. Keeping track of the 7-day forecast in your area and even watch the radar.



Blood Note, $.99
A beautiful app to help manage your blood pressure? What could be better. The Blood Note app not only maintains all of your blood pressure information, but offers a graphically gorgeous display. Your doctors will appreciate this one!




Speak PiggySpeak, Piggy!, $.99
Oh how I wish I was a child again. This app offers educational spelling and speech lessons for your kids while still maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.



AKC Dog BreedsAKC Dog Breeds, $2.99
As a crazy dog lady myself, I find this app both incredibly useful and well designed. Its simple interface and gorgeous graphics make this app one of my faves.



Convert BotConvertbot, $1.99
Convertbot is just that, a conversion robot and it’s user interface couldn’t be more sleek. The center dial is straightforward and the conversions are arranged in a clear manner.



FeedlyFeedly, Free
Your Google Reader brought to your mobile device in a very stylish way. Feedly allows you to parse your data and keep your daily reads in one, clean location.



American PresidentsAmerican Presidents for iPad, $3.99
Oh how this app would have come in handy during my 4th grade Presidents exam! This iPad app offers a plethora of historical information, along with beautiful illustration and graphics.


Stephanie Todaro / Design*Sponge
Stephanie Todaro
Stephanie Todaro has joined the Design*Sponge team to work on special projects and oversee our weekly Biz Ladies and City Guides columns. Although born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles, Stephanie has been lucky enough to live all over the US, including DC and New York, and continues to travel the world with hopes to one day settle down somewhere in Europe. She earned her master's degree in journalism from New York University in 2008 and now lives in LA where she works as the Director of Development for several celebrity websites and blogs about her adorable pup, Mr. Harvey. She has a slight (actually, major) obsession with all things stationery-related and likes to collect garden gnomes. To see more of Stephanie's work, check out her blog
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  • Annika Swenson

    Unstuck (iPad only app- is not only visually appealing but helpful when you can’t make a decision in life. Has certainly helped me get through some stuck moments, and cheered me up with the pretty, in the process!

  • Compartment Life

    I went to find the 1weather app, because I’ve been in the market for a new weather app and I can’t seem to pull it up. Any suggestions?

    • LifeScoop

      The app may not be compatible with your particular computer. You can contact 1Weather directly at –My Life Scoop Editors

  • Carol C

    Thank you so much for not leaving out the android users on this run! I’m so excited to look into these apps for my phone!


    Swacket is pretty nice for a weather app

  • Debbie B

    I just recently found a beautifully designed app on Android called Field Trip. While driving around if you pass a historical marker or interesting stop the app pings you and then speaks about the place you are passing. I have found some interesting historical landmarks in my town I didn’t even know about.