High Tech Halloween Costumes

There are some of us who take Halloween very seriously. Trick-or-treating may be a distant memory, but dressing up and hitting a few parties is still the highlight of our October. When you’re ready to get serious about your costume, try throwing in a bit of high-tech wizardry. If you want to get inspired, here are some of the coolest high-tech Halloween costumes I’ve seen.


1. Gaping Hole in Torso
Simple and awesome. Okay, simple if you happen to have two iPads lying around, but outside of acquiring those, the trick is pretty easy. Attach one Apple tablet to the front of your shirt and one to the back and then start a FaceTime chat between the two. Add a bit of fake blood and the result is you walking around like you just took a medieval cannon ball through the midsection.




2. Nikon D3 Camera
Tyler Card’s Nikon D3 costume would have been impressive enough (though a tad odd) if it was just an outfit, but it actually happens to be a functioning camera. It’s got an LCD display, a built-in flash, a shutter-release button and, yes, can actually take pictures.


3. iPhone 4
John Savio concocted the idea of being a working iPhone 4 for Halloween a couple of years back, and if you’ve got the time and the funds, you could be the 5 this season. Of course, you’ll have to jailbreak your iPhone and get an LCD TV that you are okay parting with if the party gets rowdy, but the results are sure to win you Best Costume.



4. Daft Punk
Alright, so this one might be for Halloween 2013 since it took the folks who made it four months to complete, but if you’ve got enough 5-Hour Energy drinks, game on. The helmet for the French DJ is easily the toughest costume on this list to actually make (by a mile), but the results are simply amazing.



5. Playable Pac-Man
There will be no better way of meeting people at your next costume party than by turning yourself into a playable video game. Game, set, match, you win. There’s really no electrical work to be done either, you’re just using a laptop and building the arcade unit around it.


Halloween Costumes PacMan


Mike Newman / Cool Material
Mike Newman
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  • http://twitter.com/Lucy_AHF Lucy

    Amazing. Daft Punk helmet, wish I had seen this 4 months ago!

  • Jenni

    That playable Gameboy is pretty awesome. I doubt I’d ever be this ambitious though.

  • Mike Newman

    I wish I was skilled enough to make that Daft Punk helmet