7 Most Inspiring 365 Day Photo Projects

7 Most Inspiring 365 Day Photo ProjectsLike anyone else, photographers can get stuck. Sometimes they feel a lack of creativity, as if a wall has risen, blocking their artistic synapses. What better way is there to break that wall down than by forcing yourself to undertake a 365 Day project? The challenge, therein, is to not only produce a work of art everyday, but to expand your creativity and skill set. There are numerous artists who have challenged themselves with this type of expressive project, especially those in the field of photography. Today, we’re pleased to bring you some of the best and most inspiring 365 Day photo projects that today’s creative minds have conquered.


1. Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard is a talented 18-year-old photographer who has already drawn much attention for his creative works, many of which can be found in his 365 project. Day after day, the teen has produced a variety of incredibly surreal images, all while balancing his academic studies. On top of playing the roles of student and photographer, Stoddard has also posed as the subject in most of his shots, managing to give a remarkably powerful performance in each of his wildly imaginative photos.


2. (365) Days of Tumblr

(365) Days of Tumblr is a project by Ontario-based graphic designer Aaron Christopher Judd that features a series of breathtaking images superimposed with inspirational words. The combination of the photo, often an awe-inspiring landscape, and the overlain message within each frame of the artist’s series works in beautiful harmony. Each element of the project’s construction complements one another to make for one truly uplifting and artistically stimulating series that has run its year-long course but will never get old.


3. Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson is a 20-year-old photographer who, like Alex Stoddard, finds himself both behind and in front of the lens as his own subject. His 365 project began nearly a year ago and has received quite a bit of attention ever since for his striking self-portraits. Looking through his portfolio, it’s hard to believe that Thompson began the project as an amateur, only having picked up photography a few months prior. There is a captivating elegance, amongst varied engrossing emotions, within his work that only seem to get better with each day.


4. Evan Ludes

Evan Ludes, aka billyunderscorebwa, is a Nebraska-based photographer who focuses primarily on landscapes and nature, though he appears to tackle a little bit of everything in his 365 project. From abstract and macro photography to people and pet portraiture, Ludes covers a lot of ground with remarkable talent and patience. Some of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring images in his collection of images are of bugs. Somehow Ludes is able to illuminate the creepy crawlers in a mask of beauty and intrigue.

Pinar Noorata / My Modern Met
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