Top 6 Tumblr Blogs for Photography Lovers

Top 6 Tumblr Blogs for Photography Lovers

While Pinterest is all the rage these days, since it’s so new, it’s still hard to figure out just who we should be following. If you love photography, a better place to look right now is Tumblr. For years, photo enthusiasts have been curating their own Tumblr blogs, collecting beautiful and stunning images that have been shared hundreds of times over. Today, we take a look at six specific ones that each have their own, unique collection. While some focus on stunning landscape photography, others are all about black and white. Whatever your preference, we guarantee that you’ll find something that speaks to your heart and soul.


1. The World We Live In

It’s hard to rise about all the millions of Tumblr’s out there but, then again, it’s easy when you’re constantly featuring awe-inspiring photos like this. The World We Live In is a Tumblr blog by Mumbai, India-based Karishma and USA-based Julie, two women who’ve made it their mission to showcase this amazing place we call Earth. Their archive reaches back to November 2009 so there’s almost an endless amount of eye-candy here. Taken from places like Flickr, National Geographic, and Behance, these photos are all stunningly high-quality. This Tumblr is perfect for those who enjoy gorgeous landscape and cityscape photography or for those looking for inspiration on where to plan their next big trip. (Pictured above is Queenstown, New Zealand by Ella Locardi.)


2. Sabino

If you’re an amateur photographer looking for other amateur photographers to be inspired by, check out Sabino. Run by 24-year-old Santiago-Chile based Sabino Aguad Castoldi, the Tumblr features fantastically refreshing photos that are at times a bit risque but always interesting. This is a great place to discover fresh, new talent, or for those looking for photographic techniques you haven’t seen before. As a nice touch, Sabino makes every effort to link back to the original photographer, unlike a lot of the Tumblr blogs out there. (Photo credit: Colin Young.)


3. It’s Complicated

Tumblr’s Landscape Editor, Leslie Seuffert, runs It’s Complicated a stunning Tumblr blog that features some astonishingly amazing photos. Though mixed in there is a generous helping of art, it’s worth it to visit this Tumblr if you’re looking for any kind of creative inspiration. From gorgeous black and white cityscape photography to fantastic double exposures, you’ll find yourself getting lost as you scroll through all of the incredible works. (Photo credit: Jeen Na.)


4. The Black Ballerina

Though we usually don’t include two blogs from the same curator, we loved The Black Ballerina too much not to share it. Run by Leslie Seuffert, see directly above, this Tumblr is all about black and white photography. Stunning, emotionally-charged photos are simply and beautifully displayed here, from the surreal to the sublime. With three contributing curators who all run their own individual Tumblr blogs, The Black Ballerina always has something different to look at. (Photo credit: Lyubomir Bukov.)


5. T on Tumblr

Glossy magazine photos of celebrities and models your thing? The New York Times has you covered with T on Tumblr. T Magazine is The New York Times’ style and culture magazine. Last year, they started this Tumblr where they showcase large, magazine-quality photos that are just begging to be shared. As Horacio Silva, T’s online director, told The Cutline, “It’s a great way of bringing to the surface a lot of these great visuals that for any reason may have been overlooked. We take a very curatorial approach to the editorial decisions we make. I think that aspect lends itself perfectly to Tumblr.” We wholeheartedly agree! (Photo credit: The New York Times.)


6. Photojojo’s Tumblr

After looking through all of these photography-related Tumblr blogs, we wouldn’t blame if you just want to get out there and shoot! One last place we suggest looking before you start off on your own project is Photojojo’s Tumblr. Though known for their nifty store where they sell all kinds of fun gear for photo enthusiasts, they also run a Tumblr where they’re constantly sharing creative photo series, like Tim Tadder’s hilarious water wigs (shown above). They even provide some cool DIY tips, like how to shoot water drops with bokeh, and creative photo ideas, like using shadows to frame the focal point of your image. (Photo credit: Tim Tadder.)


Which Tumblr blogs do you follow for photography inspiration?

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