10 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Let’s edit those photos! I’m not talking about touching up the saturation or playing with filters, I want to get creative with those iPhone photos and turn them into something different, shareable and artistic. No longer do you need to have access to the expensive photo editing software (although that’s a lot of fun too) because you can create the layouts, photo overlays and distinct imagery via an app on your smart phone. It’s like magic.
While there are a TON of apps to choose from, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tools for creating unique images and layouts with your photos.

How do you enhance your photos with apps? Share your methods in the comments!

Strike a pose!
Diptic, $.99
If you’ve gone on vacation or had a night out with friends and want to showcase ALL of your photos in one frame, this is the app to do it. It helps create various photo layouts with a simple point and click functionality. I use Diptic for all of my vacation shots!

WordFoto, $1.99
No graphic design tools necessary to make your own word imagery here. WordFoto allows you to use your own words to create graphic images from your own photos. This is a fun tool for creating posters and cards.



Labelbox, Free
If you are anything like me, you probably have 3-4 label makers at your disposal at any given moment. Now take the stress out of buying new cartridges with this fun virtual photo labeling system. Have fun with your photo captions and create funky and quirky labels that lay right over the image itself.

Maskingtape, $.99
Take scrapbooking off the pages and onto the phone with this fun masking tape app. Virtually tape images together with their fun selection of printed “tapes.”

PicFrame, $.99
Create structured, framed collages via the PicFrame app. You can even customize photo effects, frame layouts, color choices and more.

Incredibooth, $.99
I can’t tell you how excited I get when I see a photobooth at a party or bar. Now I can take the photobooth with me wherever I go with this awesome Incredibooth app. Much like their tagline says “it’s a party in your pocket.”

RedStamp, Free
Why send a simple picture text when you can jazz it up with a RedStamp creation? This app allows you to create lovely greetings, invites, thank you cards and more with your very own photos.

360 Panorama, $.99
I love shooting landscapes with my iPhone, but that little lens doesn’t always get the entire image in the frame. With the 360 Panorama app, you can stitch multiple shots together to create that picturesque image. Bingo!

Photogene 2, $.99
Not only does this app create great collages, but it also offers a sizeable selection of editing capabilities, ranging from color correction, text overlays, backdrops and more.



Magic Hour, Free
Not so much an editing app, but more so a scheduling app, this cool guy helps you calculate the precise time that the “magic hour” of outdoor lighting hits. Never miss that epic sunset or sunrise shot ever again.

Stephanie Todaro / Design*Sponge
Stephanie Todaro
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