VIDEO: Music Apps To Keep Your Playlist Going

best_music_apps_turntable_fm_spotify_mog.jpgMusic apps make it possible for you to take your playlists with you no matter where you are. Check out 3 of the hottest music apps right now, how they’ll keep you connected and we’ll show you why they’re so popular.

FInd out what Turntable FM, MOG and Spotify have to offer!

Tell us about the music apps you’re using in the comment box and don’t forget to find more social apps like this on

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Olivia Speranza
Olivia Speranza has been hosting on-air content for cable television and the internet since 2007.  She began her career working with an Asian American music and lifestyle channel, MYX. Olivia currently works on her blog, where she writes and produce/hosts video reviews for photography, video and audio. Aside from her blog and work on Mevio's Money Team, Olivia also is the host for Nvidia's digital magazine, NVision.
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  • Adrian

    - How cute! I will check out her site.I also love the wedding pruictes from your previous post. What a beautiful wedding and an amazing church. I think the picture of the dog with the couple in the background is so cute.I am continually amazed at how great you two are!

  • Jerry

    Bravo Diva! Another great one by the queen! The Racheal Roy top is stunning. I know say it on every post, I am lonivg your blog so much. I also have seen the responses from the teenage girls as well. It’s great to see that you are inspiring to keep it classy and cute at the same time. I share your blog with some of the younger girls I mentor at my church they really enjoyed it.

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