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best_organizational_apps.jpgIt’s no secret that I have trouble remembering anything/everything.  So with a memory that doesn’t span more than a few hours, it is crucial that I create list after list to make sure that everything I need to do is actually getting done.  While there are a lot of options out there (both tech and non) that can help keep you organized and on schedule, I prefer to use some of the wonderful organization tools and apps for my phone.

It’s funny how I could forget to put on shoes before I leave the house, but I somehow never seem to forget my phone.  So with a series of list and organizational apps for, I am able to check everything off my list  and be reminded of those things that have yet to be checked off with a lovely notification.  Here is a roundup of some of the apps that help keep my life in order.  

What smartphone applications help keep your life on track? Let me know if the comments below and I will be sure to add them to my growing list!

reqall.jpgReQall, Free 

ReQall is not your average reminder app.  Not only does it let you create lists (i.e. shopping, to do, etc.), it also helps you recall various store and restaurant locations and can even transcribe a phone conversation into text for later reference.  And while you are staying on schedule with the help of your ReQall app, your friends and family may not be as put together.  By synching your app with your phone contacts, you can now send simple reminders to those in your life who may need a gentle nudge or reminder to complete certain tasks.

remember the milk.jpg
This app offers your standard list-making and scheduling options, but the real beauty of it is it’s ability to sync up with the majority of your other accounts.  From Twitter to Gmail, Remember the Milk allows you to create tasks from a variety of platforms.  And if you have an iPhone 4S, you can even create a list item via Siri.  Basically, everyone and everything listens to the Remember the Milk app.


TeuxDeux, $2.99 
If you’re looking for an app that not only keeps you organized, but looks good while doing it, you are looking for TeuxDeux.  This app separates your list in a visually appealing daily to-do list and even let’s you plan for the “someday” with a catchall list.


Pageonce, Free 
If there is one thing I have the most trouble with, it is remembering the due dates for bills (even though they all fall on the same date every month!).  With Pageonce, I not only keep track of all of my payment due dates, but I can also go ahead and pay for all of those bills in one sitting from anywhere.  I can also keep track of all of my bank deposits and credit cards purchases. It’s y personal accountant on the go!

Stephanie Todaro / Design*Sponge
Stephanie Todaro
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    We launched a free microjournal app to help organize everything. Check out
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    Thank you so much for releasing an Android app! Android devecis have overtaken iPhones in sales, and I’m glad I can manage my Toggl account from my phone like my coworkers who have iPhones!

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    I know the majority of folks are iphone addicts but how about some love for the android users? Do you have any recommendations for those of us not on the iphone would be great. Thank you!