Top 15 Gadgets and Tools for Foodies

kitchen_gadgets_header.jpgJust recently I decided that it was time to face my kitchen fears and learn to cook — the right way. (PB & J and scrambled eggs can only get you so far.)  I have never been a fan of the cooking process with all of the mess and waiting around for things to simmer and bake.  I truly only appreciated the end result of the entire ordeal: eating.

So in an effort to make the cooking experience a little more pleasant, I thought it would be best to incorporate some gadgets, tools, and apps that would enhance the process and make it much more enjoyable.  With an assortment of fun apps and colorful gadgets, I can now say that I find the cooking experience quite satisfying — and I may even go as far as to call myself a bona fide “foodie” now.

Check out some of the gadgets and apps that helped me connect with my inner-chef.  Do you use any gadgets to spice up your kitchen experience?  Share the wealth!
P.S. As it turns out, I’m a pretty decent cook!
1. Sheep measuring cups, $24

2. Juicer, $17.95
3. Avocado pitter, $9.99

4. Digital measuring cup, $20.49

5. OCD cutting board, $25
6. 5 way bottle opener $9.25
7. Bistro toaster, $50
8. Colorful timers, $1.99

Stephanie Todaro / Design*Sponge
Stephanie Todaro
Stephanie Todaro has joined the Design*Sponge team to work on special projects and oversee our weekly Biz Ladies and City Guides columns. Although born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles, Stephanie has been lucky enough to live all over the US, including DC and New York, and continues to travel the world with hopes to one day settle down somewhere in Europe. She earned her master's degree in journalism from New York University in 2008 and now lives in LA where she works as the Director of Development for several celebrity websites and blogs about her adorable pup, Mr. Harvey. She has a slight (actually, major) obsession with all things stationery-related and likes to collect garden gnomes. To see more of Stephanie's work, check out her blog
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