21 Great Pinterest Boards for Art & Design Lovers

pinterest-header.jpgWhile the most popular topics on Pinterest seem to be food and style, it’s also a great place for artists and art lovers to get inspired. Here are some of the best Pinterest boards to follow if you want to get a regular dose of design, typography, photography, illustration, and street art.

Graphic Design 

Graphic-Design-Chad-Syme.jpgChad Syme is a Seattle based designer and photographer with an incredible eye for design. His graphic design board has a heavy emphasis on bold color and illustrative elements.


Designer and blogger Joy Cho shares many examples of graphic design with a vintage vibe that make powerful use of negative space.


Brooklyn based graphic designer Marc Loresto’s board “For The Graphic Designer” not only features tons of great examples of design, but helpful, funny, and inspirational graphics that appeal specifically to designers.


Self-proclaimed “designer gal” Leah Dent features high impact posters in her cleverly named board “A and 1,” which not only references a paper size, but a term that means “best of the best.”



“I love type,” a board by Dani Who, features a lot of high-impact and high-contrast examples of great typography. Many of her pins use type to express something personal or inspirational and often have a hand-written or freeform quality.

Typography-Jennifer-Chong.jpgJennifer Chong, an L.A. based graphic designer, often pins typography with a classic and decorative look. Some of her typography pins feature subtle graphic elements, but the type always takes center stage in the design.


Many of the pins in Chad Syme’s “Typography & Type Design” board have a vintage style, and pretty much all of them are impactful and make a strong impression.


Madeline Tompkins’s typography board “lettering lovelies” features balanced typography that fills up the canvas and features intricate details and designs. Many of the pins are colorful, light and use interesting font combinations.



The “Best of Pinterest Photographers” board aims to be the definitive list of photographers on Pinterest and is curated by a large group of members. It features work from hundreds of photographers with a variety of styles and subjects.


Not only does Joy Cho have a great eye for design, she’s got interesting taste in photography. The photos on her pinboard are sweet and beautiful. You’ll find photos with soft lighting and a tight composition that usually focus on people, food, and fashion.


The photos in Jennifer Chong’s photography Pinterest board capture a love for life with upbeat and inspirational photos of people, nature, and more.


Premier reg’art is a blog by two architecture students interested in design, decor and art of all kinds. The pins featured in their photo board seem to all find beauty in ordinary places. The photos tend to feature strong colorful accents and dreamy filters.

Painting & Illustration


Maia McDonald, creative coordinator for Williams-Sonoma, has a lovely collection of art and illustration pins. Much of the artwork featured uses pinks and warm colors and have an organic, loose style.


The “art, illustration” board by max contains tons of drawings and paintings with bold contrast that make interesting use of color, line, and texture. The collection mostly contains portraits with deeply emotional expressions.


If you’re a fan of pop culture, strong lines, and bold color, you’ll enjoy Nick Karn’s illustration Pinterest board. It’s full of modern graphic art and illustrations that reference comic book characters, movies, fashion, and technology.


Julie Matthews Martin’s “Art and Inspiration” board contains everything from rough sketches to finished paintings, all sharing a few common traits–they’re loaded with style, make great use of color, and feature incredible detail.

Illustration-Marine-Loiseau .jpg

Marine Loiseau favors a cartoonish illustration style that feels soft and childlike. Many of the pins in her “Graphisme” pinboard create a distinct mood and look like scenes right out of a story book.

Jenni Chasteen / Incredible Things
Jenni Chasteen
Jenni Chasteen is a graphic artist and blogger who works full time for Dartboard Media editing and writing for Incredible Things. She's passionate about art and pop culture and enjoys following the latest trends in social media and technology. When she's not online she's usually reading, drawing or gaming.
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