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smartphone_magic_tricks.jpgI love magic tricks. When I was ten years old, I went through that obligatory magic phase that many kids go through. I read all the magic books at the library, practiced palming coins, and even had one of those cool fake thumbs so I could make napkins disappear.  

Here I am twenty years later, and while my passion for magic isn’t as intense as it was in my younger years, I still enjoy performing magic tricks for people. They’re a great way to cement your place as “The Coolest Uncle to Ever Live,” break the ice at a party, or kill time while waiting with friends for a delayed flight at the airport. 

Magic tricks have come a long way since the days of the plastic guillotine that seemingly severed your finger. Now with the wonder of iPhone apps, you can be a magician without having to lug around a deck of Svengali cards. Below I highlight four fantastically wondrous and mystifying iPhone magic apps that will turn you into a 21st century Houdini. 

You’d think that adding in the tech element would make people more wary and harder to impress, but these tricks still truly elicit that fun “Hey! How did you do that? response. 

iForce allows you to read people’s minds and predict the future. First, you ask somebody to think of a number, a food, a symbol, etc. While you focus in on their eyes, you doodle the answer on your iPhone. When you’re done, you place the phone face down on the table and then ask the person to whisper their answer in your ear (lest they think the phone’s microphone is picking up their answer). Now flip the phone over, show the person that written upon the phone is the correct answer, and watch their jaw drop in awe. How do you do it? Magic of course.  
iForce is disguised as a simple doodle app, so your spectators can examine it to try to find your secrets. 



Magic Eye

“Pick a card, any card!” Guessing which card a person has picked is a standard magic trick that every beginner magician knows. Now you can do it anywhere with the Magic Eye App. Your spectator swipes through a deck of 52 cards on your phone and picks one. Then they flip the card over so you can’t see it. You place your hand over the iPhone and gaze into the spectator’s eyes while you call off card names. You’re looking for “subtle shifts in their eyes,” you say. When you call off the correct card, you lift your hand to reveal their card on the phone.


The Rising Card app is somewhat similar to the Magic Eye app in that you’re guessing which card your spectator is thinking of. The difference is the presentation. The Rising Card Magic Trick app displays a hand holding a deck of cards. Shake the iPhone and the card the person was thinking of magically rises from the deck. 

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  • James Laudermilk

    Try D’ball app for Android, great magic app to use along with the D’lite.

  • PtoPSuccess

    Hey Brett! Fantastic blog, AoM…anyway the best iPhone street magic I’ve ever seen is hands down Max Krause’s Mental Killer- Do this one time and you’re instantly the guy who does “David Blaine stuff” with everyone…do it in a bar, and you’ve taken their breath away…here’s the effect: You pull out a deck of cards, and the spectator randomly selects a card…with hands off, you have another spectator open a folded piece of paper with a chicks number on it, you hand them the phone and they dial…she’s not home but, she’s recorded a voicemail message that says she had a weird dream last night, and she says their card…un-freakin-real! Go to this website to see a video of the effect at about 2:14…….its $10 fir the app, but worth every penny..have fun all!

  • PtoPSuccess

    Hey by the way it’s Jim mcFarland…

  • Ninjim3

    Hey Everyone, I forgot to put a foreword slash at the end of that link above….you may get an invalid address mssg with the above link….try this one instead, and go to 2:14 in the video about midway down the page…

    Have Fun!
    Jim McFarland

  • baronvg

    I wasn’t expecting this article to be about smart phones LITERALLY doing magic tricks.

  • Otto_ki

    Hahahah yea i was not expexting this…

  • Minecraft Games

    It really is a great product.