Top 4 Personal Assistant Apps Like Apple’s Siri

what_is_siri_personal_assistant_apps.jpgSure, Siri can be a nice thing to have when you need to look up a quick fact or text a friend while you’re on the road. Just because Apple’s digital assistant has gotten so much hype, however, doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy an iPhone 4S in order to get your own portable personal assistant. While Siri is certainly the most well-known mobile assistant in town, there are quite a few out there that run on older iPhones and Android or Windows Phone mobile operating systems.

evi_app_left.jpg1. Evi

Price: 99 cents for iPhone, free for Android (beta)
Download: Evi for Android or iPhone

Evi is a relatively new kid on the block, but probably the closest you’re going to get to Siri in terms of functionality. Just like Siri, you ask Evi questions and get answers. Evi is capable of doing basic web searches plus more complex tasks like helping you look for a restaurant or find the nearest ATM. You can ask Evi questions via text or voice, and you can rate the answers Evi gives you to help her learn and become even more intelligent.

2. Vlingo

Price: Free
Download: Vlingo for Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone

Much like Siri, Vlingo can help you find restaurants near where you’re located, perform web searches for information, and email or text friends. Vlingo takes the role of personal assistant a little further than Siri, however, by also allowing you to update your Facebook and Twitter status from the app. A free version of the app allows for simple web searches, while the paid $10 version adds speech-to-text functionality.

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    Huh…The notable omission is Zahdoo – Hybrid Personal assistant which allows for both Voice and keyboard input and one doesn’t have to worry about the ambient sound.