Top 5 Sites for Design Inspiration

design_blogs.jpgIt’s inevitable that even the most creative minds fall into ruts every once in a while. Whether it’s decision fatigue or just a lack of new ideas that has you stuck, I recommend taking a break from your own world and diving into the sea of other people’s creativity. There’s a vast wealth of talent and amazing innovation in the world, and the internet has brought it all to our fingertips. It’s my hope that these 5 resources for design inspiration can bring you a new thrilling jolt of inspiration and motivation to tackle your big projects and look at your work in a new light. We’re almost in a brand new year, and I think with a little help from your online community of makers, thinkers, and innovators; can be your most inspiring year yet!

Let’s face it–as internet consumers, we have become obsessively ravenous for images. They come at us from everywhere, they provide us with entertainment, amusement, amazement, inspiration, horror, and delight. If you ever get tired of sifting through a disorganized mass of all this wonderful eye candy, head immediately to Pinterest, the biggest, best candy store of them all. Pinterest is an image cataloging site that allows you to “pin” an image you find online to your personal account. You can sort them by creating themed “boards”, which you can share with friends easily through your social networking accounts like Twitter and Facebook. It’s easy to search for specific type of photos and follow pins to some of the best visual content out there. The service has been growing like wildfire, so get in on it now!

desire_to_inspire.jpgDesire To Inspire:
This aptly named blog is full of great design inspiration and decorating tips. The site was founded in 2006 by design junkies Kim and Jo. They live in Canada and Australia, respectively, and the share a diverse perspective on interiors, furniture, and a host of other design tidbits. Whenever I feel stuck in a decorating rut, or I need to brainstorm ideas for projects, I turn to this site and instantly find something inspired!

Daily Drop Cap:
If you work in graphic or web design, chances are you’ve spent a significant amount of time dealing with typefaces. If you have even a passing interest in fonts, illustration, and design, you will want to check the Daily Drop Cap. Designer and illustrator Jessica Hische created a new custom drop cap letter for almost every day in 2009; you would think that a project requiring this kind of regularity would naturally lead a few duds, but not with Jessica at the helm. Every single letter is amazing, inventive, and impeccably designed. The best part? Jessica offers her designs to anyone for use on non-commercial websites, so you can browse away and borrow your favorites!

Kate Pruitt / Design Sponge
Kate Pruitt
As a Contributing Editor at Design Sponge, artist Kate Pruitt shares DIY projects each Wednesday. Kate lives in Oakland, California and has a background in art/art history and recently left her job creating window displays to pursue her own work full time. Growing up in New Hampshire, Kate spent a lot of time building machines out of paper and scotch tape, and thus discovered her first DIY impulses.
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