Top 10 Green Gadget Gifts for 2011

gadget_gifts_green_gifts.jpgThis holiday season why not get the tech geek on your gift list an electronic present that is not only cutting edge but also easy on the environment? If you need some suggestions, we’ve searched far and wide for the most impressive eco gadgets on the market and rounded up our top 10 high-tech gifts. From sustainably-sourced wood iPod cases to portable solar chargers, take a gander at all of our favorite green gadget gifts for 2011!

SigniCase-iPod-Case.jpg1. SigniCase iPod Case
The camera for the new iPhone 4S features an incredible 8-megapixel sensor, but it still feels like something’s missing – it lacks the look and feel of a real camera, because, well, it’s a smartphone. Enter SigniCase, a Hong Kong-based company that makes lightweight wood cases that transform your iPhone into an old-school camera. The best part? SigniCase only uses sustainably-sourced bamboo, walnut and sapele wood.

2. Liquid Wood LED Lamp
Looking for a gift that combines form and function in one clever little package? The fine folks at NuDe have produced the GreenLantern, a colorful, curvy LED lamp with a built-in planter. The horn-shaped lamps are made of Liquid Wood, which is an organic polymer made from waste wood by-products. The upper portion of the horn is lined with a strip of energy-efficient of LED lights that emit a warm glow over the plant growing in the base.

3. MegaPhone
Passive, electricity-free speakers that enable you to amplify music from your iPhone have been around for a few years, but few are as elegant and eye-catching as the MegaPhone from Italian designer en&is. The MegaPhone is made of ceramic that rests on a simple wooden frame, and you can choose from white, black or gold glazing. According to the designer’s website, the horns are compatible with the iPhone or the iPod Touch (with case), and they’re designed to optimize the best sound output.



For a great-sounding radio that won’t clash with your furniture, Santiago, Chile-based Grupo Vibra has produced WUD, a retro-chic radio made of sustainably-harvested wood. The radios are minimalist and modern with a touch of nostalgia, and they’re compatible with MP3 players, smartphones and PCs. The wood used to make the radio is harvested  from sustainably-managed forests in Patagonia.


5. BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

Using a smartphone while riding a bike can be dangerous, but with the BioLogic handlebar mount, you can use the GPS function on your phone without taking your hands off the handlebars. BioLogic makes a bunch of clever devices for bikes, including a system that harnesses the energy you produce while riding a bike to power your mobile devices and a portable radio that attaches to your handlebars.

Mark Boyer / Inhabitat
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  • Laura Robertson

    Great stuff for those who love to get their tech on, including moi. My big gift quandry this holiday is something for my 70 year old mother. Non-tech (i tried!), she however, loves to listen to the radio all day and she will even use a cd player if it’s simple enough. I would like to give her a reasonably priced (under $130.00) am/fm radio with possibly a cd player that produces nice sound with little tech ability needed to operate. Any suggestions would be helpful!!

  • Jldailey618

    That suction cup solar powered charger is SO cool!

  • Diane Pham

    would love that megaphone. too bad i don’t have an iphone…