Summer Fun With Extreme BBQing Videos

barbecue_BBQ_video.jpgOne of my favorite things about summer is barbecuing. Heck, who am I kidding? One of my favorite things about any season is barbecue. In the Goon Squad household we don’t limit our slow cooking to a mere three months. Now, at my house we just do it the regular way, but there are other options out there.

You’ve heard of extreme sports,
extreme couponing and extreme makeovers but have you heard of extreme
barbecueing? No? Well readers, meet extreme barbecue. Extreme barbecue, this is
every one.

I am very pleased that the gentleman in that last video chose to wear his safety goggles. 
Are you in a huge hurry? Do you need that sausage in 20 seconds?
(Good lord people, please don’t try that at home.) 
But extreme barbecuing can be more than just playing with fire. It can mean many things.
Like this.
Let me give you this other example.
Let’s say you are having a party. I mean, a big party. Maybe you are celebrating the return of the NFL. You invite over a few friends. Then they invite over a few of their friends. Then those friends invite over a couple people. Then your teenage triplets flyer the mall and mention that The Avett Brothers might be playing there. You are going to need a lot of barbecue for this party. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?
You buy one of these:
Sarah Braesch / Clever Girls Collective
Sarah Braesch
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