10 Cool Things for People who Read (Real) Books

CoolMaterialBookPOV.jpgeReaders, Kindles, iPads–and even before their time–audio books, are all great ways to enjoy your favorite forms of prose. With these gadgets comes a host of pretty awesome accessories. However, let us not forget about good old-fashioned books. You know, paper topped with tiny type and bound in a decorative cover? Those are still in vogue, right? For people who continue to hold actual books dear to their hearts, here’s a list of products to make the traditional reading experience that much more enjoyable.

Bedside Cabinet
The Bedside Cabinet beats a table any day. Not only does it attach securely to the wall next to your bed, providing a ‘home’ for necessities, but its roof serves as a bookmark for your latest read.  

2-falling-bookends.jpgFalling Books Bookend
Your beloved collection deserves to be kept in tiptop shape. This funky bookend features a man that’s doing his very best to ensure that books remain tidy and upright.

3-Book-Belt.jpgThe Book Belt
Traveling about with more than one good novel? This Book Belt kicks it old school by bundling your books together in classic style.

4-personal-library-kit.jpgPersonal Library Kit
True bibliophiles want to share their collection with friends, but they also want their books back. This personal library kit holds frequently delinquent borrowers accountable.

5-book-marks.jpgBook ‘Marks’
Toss your old bookmarks and let a few real Marks, like Wahlburg, Zukerberg, Marx, Twain, Anthony and Hamil, hold your place. Luckily, they come in a complete set of six, so you don’t have to choose between classic or new school Marks.

Why waste space when you can combine two crucial pieces of book reading furniture into one? The Bookseat offers a cozy place to get your read on and to store your favorite editions.

7-Conceal-bookshelf.jpgConceal Bookshelf
You can enjoy the library look without all the clutter. This floating bookshelf becomes invisible with the addition of several books, leaving your space clean and organic in feeling.

8-penguin-luggage-tag.jpgPenguin Luggage Tags
Take your love for reading on the road with these luggage tags from book publisher, Penguin. The famous covers of a few great classics find a home on your bags, making sure they never go unidentified.

9-book-rest-lamp.jpgBook Rest Lamp
Another double duty product that’s just perfect for readers, this Book Rest Lamp emits a soft and ideal reading light. It also doubles as a charming book rest, so after lights out, you won’t lose your page.

Brooke Dowd Sacco / Cool Material
Brooke Dowd Sacco
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