Personalize Your Tech Accessories

DSTechAccPOV.jpgModern consumer devices are constantly becoming sleeker and more
attractive than their predecessors, and few designs on the market these
days have an unattractive or uncomfortable look to them. However, no
matter how lovely and streamlined a gadget may be, the fact is that the
visual standard for electronics– a lot of monochromatic black, white,
and silver tones– may not be for everyone. Plus, there is something to
be said for adding a little personalized touch to your own treasured
devices and making them stand out in the crowd, and you’ll never run the
risk of accidentally grabbing the wrong phone or laptop from a table.

There are many great new designs on the market for tech accessory customization, and today I’m showcasing four of my favorites. These brands have made it their mission to provide consumers with a huge variety of quality skins and cases at very reasonable prices. Uncommon goods is my go-to for sleek designer cases for iPhones (and soon iPads). Their cases are super thin and minimal which provides a nice lightweight feel, and they have some incredible artists collaborating on new designs. You can also design your own custom case using a photo, drawing, or any image you please.

GelaSkins, DecalGirl, and Skinit are amazing resources for slim decals that protect your phone without adding any bulk to the shape whatsoever. Some skins can be used in conjunction with cases for added protection to the device. For total immersion, you can also download wallpaper to match and completely bedeck your device in your favorite design. These are inexpensive enough to swap out when you get bored, and are a really fun way to personalize all kinds of tech gadgets– laptops, phones, music players, game consoles, remotes, and more.

I love using quick and easy accessories like these to customize my gadgets, but there are many other way to set your devices apart from the masses. I’d love to know–how do you customize your favorite tech accessories?


  1. 1. Primrose by Jill Bliss capsule case for Apple iPhone 4, $40
  2. 2. Spring Mosaic by Scott Wilson deflector case for Apple iPhone, $35.
  3. 3. Hare by Marco Cibola capsule case for Apple iPhone 4, $40.
  4. 4. Doodle capsule case for Apple iPhone 4, $40.
  5. 5. Poppy by Jill Bliss case for Apple iPad, coming soon.


  1. 1. White Geometric Abstraction skin for Apple iPad, $30.
  2. 2. Pop Garden White skin for Apple iPhone 4, $15.
  3. 3. Rembrandt The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp skin for Apple iPhone 4, $15.
  4. 4. Look Deeper skin for laptops (similar to shown), $30.
  5. 5. Dusty Dots skin for Apple iPhone 4, $15.


  1. 1. Little Bird decal for Amazon Kindle 3, $15.
  2. 2. Autumn Dots decal for Nintendo Wii remotes, $7.
  3. 3. Turquoise Plaid skin for Nintendo Wii classic remote, $5.
  4. 4. Highland Spring skin for Nintendo Wii, $15.
Kate Pruitt / Design Sponge
Kate Pruitt
As a Contributing Editor at Design Sponge, artist Kate Pruitt shares DIY projects each Wednesday. Kate lives in Oakland, California and has a background in art/art history and recently left her job creating window displays to pursue her own work full time. Growing up in New Hampshire, Kate spent a lot of time building machines out of paper and scotch tape, and thus discovered her first DIY impulses.
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  • Anna C

    gosh, it would be great if you showed more personalized gadgets, like android phones, etc.

  • MCJunkie

    These are delish, i have got the back of my ipod all prettied up with one. mine does say… keep calm and carry on.

  • Jennifer Simon

    i love all the options for customizing cases AND electronics from in a flash laser –


    Hi. Where did the case from your banner come from (book shelves)? Thanks. Joolz.

  • Breaduh

    Yes! That’s what I wanted to know too…where to get the one with books on it…

    Very cool skins and cases!

  • Campdesigngroup

    We made our own custom wood iPhone 4 shield! Check it out here:

  • Lifescoopreader

    Hey Joolz and Breaduh,

    You can find the book shelf skin here:

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