6 Products to Help You Skype in Style

title-skype-in-style-624.jpgWhether you’re using the popular video chat software to speak with a future client – or to read the kids a bedtime story while away at a business conference – Skype offers an opportunity to invest in a few more gadgets for your tech arsenal. Webcams, mics, and headsets don’t have to bland or boring, however. Check out these popular products that are as good to look at as they are to use. Here’s to broadcasting with bravado!


Using Skype for voice chat (no video) is so 2009. Why not use the upgrade to visual communication as a chance to explore the market for hot new webcams and video components that you can feel proud about displaying in our workspace? These hot sellers ooze style and function:

FaceVsion TouchCam N1 HD VideoCam

facevision webcam.jpg

Launched at 2010′s CES, this is the first high-rated Skype-certified cam to offer HD (720p, to be exact.) Use is effective plug and play installation to direct this 78 degree wide-angle lens at your subject of choice, then stand back and enjoy a high-def display that won’t bog your PC down. It’s small, sleek, and picks up sound at a distance – plus you can expect to pay less than $75 for this little camera.

PDT Minoru3D Webcam

3D webcam.jpg

What’s better than seeing something in crystal clear video? We think it might be seeing it in crystal clear 3D video! This webcam offers users the chance to chat with anyone in three-dimensional splendor, and it can capture still photos from your chat in 800 X 600 resolution. Even if you don’t employ the magic of 3D, this cam is has a unique and super-stylish red body, offering a bold look to your desktop when not in use. (Available for $90 at Best Buy.) And did we mention that is comes with 5 pairs of 3D glasses?

Check out what may be the first ever 3D music video to hit YouTube. It was made with the Minoru3D camera:


If a built-in mic has left you wanting more clarity in your audio transmissions, these microphone add-ons will fill in nicely.

Blue Snowflake


The Snowflake from Blue isn’t exactly new, but it’s one of the more forward-thinking plug and play mics on the market. Since it easily folds up for safe storage and travel, it’s ideal for business travelers, and the sound quality can’t be beat.   If you’re looking for a professional-quality mic that works seamlessly for Mac or PC, this may be a great way to spend $50.

iRig Mic


With the exciting announcement that Skype will be allowing video calls from iPhones, many users may be switching over to mobile solutions for many of their important Skype calls. The iRig Mic may help you in creating a better on-the-road sound experience; its professional-grade hand-held unit plugs directly into your iPhone, allowing you to take crystal-clear calling capabilities on the road with you. You can pre-order this fabulous microphone for $60 – to arrive sometime this spring. 


What Skype experience would be complete without a high-quality headset? With several brands to choose from, style and ease of use just might win out with these new options:



This small hands-free option is the best of all worlds. If offers complete wireless communication that is compatible with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. In addition to its savvy power-saving mode and extended battery life (6 hours of talk time, 180 hours in standby), it boasts a 30 foot range from your PC or phone. It’s available from the Skype online store for just 50 bucks. 

Linsey Knerl / Wise Bread
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