Top 5 Green Gadget Gardening Tools

InhabGardenPOV.jpgIf you’ve been dying to start a green garden but always find yourself
clutching not-so-fresh flowers and veggies with your black thumbs, then
fret not – with today’s technology, just about anyone can become a
gardening guru. From indoor grow lamps that double as a stylish interior
accents to handy iPhone apps that offer an encyclopedia of gardening
information, read on for our 5 favorite high-tech gardening tools that
will get things blooming in a big way!


1. The Kusamono Lamp by Florient Coirer
If you’re an apartment dweller or are short on backyard space, start gardening indoors with the Kusamono Lamp by Florient Coirer. This minimalist lamp responds to the needs of both people and plants by providing a stylish source of ambient illumination. Each Kusamono has been fashioned with an energy efficient horticultural bulb and a long metal reflector, and units are available in a variety of sizes and heights, making it easy to support the growth of your favorite potted plant.


2. Rapitest Electronic Soil Tester for Garden Plants  
A plant’s health is directly tied to the soil it’s been placed in and the light that surrounds it. This multipurpose electronic soil tester by Rapitest allows you to monitor the conditions of soil pH, soil moisture, light intensity, and total combined nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash levels. All you have to do is insert the electronic soil tester into your sample and simply slide the selector switch to the test being performed. This multifunctional tool will tell you which plants will work best in each area of your yard or garden, whether you’re watering enough or too much, or if you need to improve the condition of your soil.


3. Naturemill Automatic Compost Bin
Forget about store-bought fertilizer. If you want to see those heirloom tomatoes turn a bold red, then one of the best things you can feed your fruit and veggie plants is the organic kitchen waste that piles up day in and day out. Naturemill’s clever composter is a quiet indoor system that uses an odorless natural culture to transform all your leftover food scraps into a load of nutrient-rich compost every two weeks – just the thing to feed your hungry plants.

4. Vegetable Gardening Guide App for Smartphones
For the experienced gardener and novice alike, this guide contains everything you need to grow your own cornucopia of vegetables. You don’t have to flip through hundreds of pages to get to the cream of of the crop – this handy guide displays simple, step-by-step instructions, numerous illustrations, bulleted lists, hyper-linked information, and even a glossary of terms.

Diane Pham / Inhabitat
Diane Pham
Diane Pham, Architecture and Design Editor of Inhabitat, is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Like so many people out there she too thought she wanted to be an architect when she grew up. After graduating from USC’s Marshall School, she enjoyed a brief stint at SCI-Arc, then working for the A+D Museum in Los Angeles, Perkins Eastman Architects and Resoultion4: Architecture handling their marketing, PR and graphic work. A native Angeleno, she’s also lived in Milan and Paris, and still has her sights set beyond the borders of the US. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, learning languages, cooking, taking photographs and doing as many new things as she can, every moment she can.
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  • LoriZimmer

    My new place doesn’t have any sort of outdoor space, but overlooks a beautiful garden (so frustrating!) I’m totally going to try the hydroponic window farm! take that, unaccessible garden in “my” backyard!

  • Jldailey618

    This was just the gadget list I was looking for! My goal this spring is to fill apartment with greenery, and now I know how. I will be purchasing that Kusamono lamp and creating a window farm.

  • Skit123

    I love it. I can’t wait to bring the outdoors in!!

  • David Brodeur

    These are great! Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to plant this season.

  • Kestrel Jenkins

    This is just the inspiring post I needed, as I can sense spring is upon us. Time to get gardening.

  • Florent Coirier

    The KUSAMONO light is now edited by Ligne-Roset

  • Catherine Banks

    I just made a list of the garden gadgets I would buy if I won the lottery today:

  • Alena

    awe, $30 bucks at walmart? I paid $38 at sams. I’m still happy about it. I got 2- and split one in half. 1 1/2 for my garedn (126 by 63 by 8 ) and 1/2 (42 by 24 ) to use as a sand box for my kids. I did spend more than I had planned on for building one myself, but I am beyond un handy my husband works a ton my dad doesn’t have time to come do it for me and it’s from recycled materials- so win-win!