Top 6 Sites To Stay Current On Art and Culture

mmmartPOV.jpgToday, there’s no shortage of websites that promise to give you the
latest news. What is hard to find, however, are well-curated sites that
can sift through all the noise and provide us with a clear voice on a
subject. Today, we bring you six websites that do just that. They’re art
and culture-related destinations that serve as a portal into the
creative world.


GOOD started in 2006 as a magazine that was dedicated to social causes. Though it’s still a quarterly magazine, it has an accompanying website that covers various topics that include education, environment, design, politics and more. You can always count on GOOD to give you up-to-date information on the social issues that matter. Or, if you prefer to digest your information through well-designed infographs, they have plenty of those too. Tip: Don’t forget to check out their video section for some useful tips and in-depth interviews.

2. NotCot

Los Angeles-based Jean Aw is the mastermind behind NotCot. The site is powered by a community of creatives, design lovers and trendsetters who add today’s best art, design and culture-related links from around the web. For visual thinkers, this place is for you. Tip: If you consider yourself a trendspotter, try submitting your favorite links to NotCot!

3. Laughing Squid

Well-known amongst other website publishers as a top online resource for art, culture and technology, Laughing Squid was founded by Scott Beale over 15 years ago as a film and video production company. In 1998, Beale started providing web hosting services and it was only in 2003, that he launched his blog. You can always count on this website for some quick bites of pop culture. Tip: Use Laughing Squid’s Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons to give your friends some good laughs or to tell them about the latest news in internet culture.

4. Juxtapoz

To find more about today’s emerging artists, there’s no better place to look than Juxtapoz. In art, what was once considered underground or alternative has quickly become mainstream with the help of Juxtapoz. Today, it not only has the largest circulation of any art magazine in the United States, it’s also credited for providing early recognition to such artists as KAWS, Mark Ryden and Camille Rose Garcia. Tip: Next time you’re looking to buy a gift for your art enthusiast friend, check out Juxtapoz’s store to buy books, apparel and more.

5. Brain Pickings

Flipboard recently named Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings their Most Favorite Feed of the Year (and for good reason). At the core, Brain Pickings is about ideas and creativity; it seeks to provide interesting bits of information that will ultimately help you become a better person. Tip: The banners on the site are mostly pro-bono for causes and nonprofits, so if you enjoy the website, make sure to support Brain Pickings and donate.

Alice Yoo / My Modern Met
Alice Yoo
Alice Yoo is the founder and editor in chief of My Modern Metropolis, a place where trendspotters and art enthusiasts come to connect over creative ideas. After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor's in Economics, Alice received her MBA, worked in advertising for MTV and Outdoor Channel and then started My Modern Met in 2008. With over 9.2 million page views per month, My Modern Met has become an art, culture and lifestyle destination for the modern man and woman.
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