Weirdest Holiday Musical Moments

elvesPOV.jpgI have shared with you my love for popular holiday music in the past,
but I think it is time that we looked into the darker side of modern
artists and the Christmas song.
Some Christmas songs videos are just weird.

Like this one…

Now wait! What is this? Is it Brian Setzer? Is that David Bowie? Sting? Adam Ant? What the heck? Willem DaFoe?

Nope. It was Billy Idol.
What is going on here? I don’t like that one bit – and I love Billy Idol. I just don’t like him being jolly. I like him like this.

Well, that is much better. Listen here Billy, if I wanted Christmas music I would ask Bing Crosby.
Or Twisted Sister.

I have to admit. I kind of have mixed feelings about Twisted Sister’s version of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”. I don’t understand why, but at the same time they do the music justice. Dee Snider is actually a good singer. Who knew?
This one I love.

Sarah Braesch / Clever Girls Collective
Sarah Braesch
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