Tracking Your Turkey Day Football Games

Clever15Turkey.jpgWhen my editors assigned me the topic “Tracking All of you Turkey Day
Football Games” I thought Oh! This is going to be easy! My Post will say
“Turn on your television at 12:30 and watch New England play Detroit.
At 4:15 change the channel and watch New Orleans beat Dallas at home and
then at 8:20 make sure you are somewhere that gets NFL Network and
watch Cincinnati and the New York Jets go at it. The End.”

If life were only that simple.

1) There are actually two more games. I completely forgot about college football. Tuskegee plays Alabama State at 2:00 and at 8:00 Texas will be hosting Texas A&M and you don’t want to miss part of the Lone Star Showdown do you?

2) I also forgot that football isn’t the only sport that has special Thanksgiving day games. The Washington Wizards play the Atlanta Hawks at 8:00 and the Sacramento Kings are going to be playing the Clippers in Los Angeles. In the NHL the Edmonton Oilers are hosting the Colorado Avalanche at 9:00 pm, there are a whole slew of college basketball games and, well, I could keep going but I think you get the picture.

3) Maybe you knew about all five football games and that is the only sport in the world that matters to you, but your mother (or mother-in-law, or brother or other non-sporting family member) disapproves of football during special family holidays. Chances are somebody in your family is going to frown upon you watching sporting events all day long when they spent so much time cooking you a lovely turkey dinner.

4) Or more likely you are the one in charge of cooking and you don’t have a television in your kitchen.

It doesn’t matter which one of these problems you have, I personally suffer from a combination of the four, but I have solutions for you, my friends.

I will start with the one I use – ESPN ScoreCenter.

Clever 15 One.pngIf you have an iPhone, Android, iPad or even iPod Touch, ESPN ScoreCenter will actually push scores to your phone or mobile device.

I use this application all year long. You can always go in and check all of the current scores, but I have my account push message me every time my Alma Mater plays a football games. I get a text message every time UCF scores. This year I get a lot of texts on Saturdays. (Go Knights!)

Did I mention this app is free?

You can go in, download the app, set up whatever games or teams you are interested in and you will receive an update each time somebody scores in one of the games you are following. Easy as pie, people.

Just remember to turn your phone on silent and put it in your pocket. If you are subtle you can track all of the games without getting up from the dining room table.

This particular application even tells you who scored – a real bonus for fantasy football freaks like me.

If you have a BlackBerry (a lot of these work with other phones too) you can use Viigo, or Pocket Express and ESPN has a special app just for you.

I also really like Yahoo Sportacular. It has a lot of the same features as ESPN ScoreCenter and it is also free.

Sarah Braesch / Clever Girls Collective
Sarah Braesch
Sarah Braesch (a.k.a GoonSquadSarah) lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C with her husband, boy/girl twins and two loud cats. She loves football, wine, singing and reality shows about cooking. You can find more of Sarah on Sarah and the Goon Squad, Draft Day Suit, MamaPop and BlogHer or you can follow her on twitter @goonsquadsarah.
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