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Drinks rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants constitute a very important ingredient of our diet, due to their ability to eliminate free radicals from the organism. In this article I will present a few products, which contain a large dose of antioxidants and for this reason they should appear in our menu, at least from time to time.

Red wine - contains polyphenols, which support the functioning of the circulatory system, support digestion and allow to inhibit the effects of aging. Similarly to other products with antioxidant effect, wine should be consumed in small amounts, but regularly.


Green tea - contains a lot of substances which positively influence the brain, blood vessels and maintaining proper body mass. Green tea inhibits the signs of aging and is a good solution for those, who regularly exercise.

Dark beer - a less well-known product, which provides a powerful dose of valuable ingredients. Porter beer owes its bitterness to the substances with beneficial influence on the organism. You will find there a similar dose of antioxidants as in red wine.

Coffee - each cup of little black coffee provides not only caffeine, but also antioxidants, which clear the organism from free radicals. By drinking coffee, you will indirectly improve the state of your blood vessels and inhibit the processes related to aging, including DNA damage.

Fruit juices - the most valuable are dark berry juices, such as blackcurrant, chokeberry and blueberry juices. They contain little sugar and a lot of natural dyes, which positively influence eyesight and brain functions.